DVD Release Date11 Best Movie Drinking Games of 2023: Ranked by Fans

11 Best Movie Drinking Games of 2023: Ranked by Fans

11 Best Movie Drinking Games of 2023: Ranked by Fans

The ultimate movie pairing: movies and drinks. But it’s not as simple as it sounds – there’s a lot to consider when choosing the perfect movie for a night of fun.

First, think about the vibe you want. Do you want to go wild like The Wolf of Wall Street or chill like The Big Lebowski? The genre, length, and even the pace of the drinks all play a role in creating the desired experience. And don’t underestimate the power of nostalgia and irony to make a familiar film feel fresh again.

Next, let’s talk rules. What rules will you have, how strictly will you enforce them, and how tipsy do you and your friends want to get? The rules should be fair, consistent, and timely. And most importantly, they should be simple and easy to follow. No one wants to be decoding a long list of complicated rules in the middle of the movie. It’s all about having a good time, after all.

The movies on this list were chosen based on a variety of factors that make them perfect for drinking games. Our editors considered things like vibe, genre, runtime, nostalgia, and unique qualities when selecting these movies. While the quality of the movies was important, our main focus was finding films that offer the ingredients for a fun, hilarious, and maybe even rowdy experience.

So grab your favorite drinks, pick one of the classic movies below, and get ready for a night of cinematic fun. Just remember to drink responsibly, as some of these advanced rules have been known to challenge even the most seasoned drinkers. Cheers to a memorable night!

1. The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street
Here’s a fun drinking game idea: take a sip every time someone drops the F-bomb in The Wolf of Wall Street. Oh, and don’t forget to drink when you catch a glimpse of some bare skin too. Plus, if anyone snorts anything on screen, take another sip. And let’s not miss the chance to drink whenever you witness some new level of extravagance. Of course, it’s also essential to take a sip when you find yourself laughing at this movie.

The Wolf of Wall Street is a wild ride filled with constant profanity, drug use, and outrageous behavior. It’s the perfect flick to turn into a raucous drinking game. So grab your favorite beverage, gather some friends, and get ready to have a blast!

2. Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused
Drink every time someone says ‘party.’ And take a sip whenever a freshman gets hit with a paddle. Oh, and don’t forget to raise your glass whenever Slater says ‘man.’ Also, take a quick swig whenever Pink is feeling conflicted. And last but not least, take a shot whenever Mitch pinches the top of his nose.

Dazed and Confused is a movie that perfectly captures all the wild antics, non-stop partying, and initiation rituals of high school. It’s the ultimate source of inspiration for a 70s-themed drinking game that will flood you with nostalgia.

3. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Here are some fun drinking game rules for you while watching the epic fantasy trilogy:
– Take a sip every time someone speaks a language other than English.
– Have a drink whenever Frodo mentions his loyal friend, Sam.
– Take a shot whenever you catch a glimpse of the iconic Eye of Sauron.
– Raise your glass whenever the ring takes center stage in a close-up shot.
– And of course, don’t forget to take a sip every time someone utters the word “precious.”

The trilogy offers plenty of opportunities to keep the drinks flowing throughout its lengthy runtime. With its diverse languages, constant “precious” references, and captivating ring close-ups, you’ll have a great time enjoying the fantasy adventure while playing this drinking game.

4. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
Here’s a fun drinking game idea: take a sip every time you come across words or numbers on the screen. And hey, let’s not forget to drink whenever you hear a video game sound! It’s a great way to keep the party going.

Oh, and how about taking a gulp whenever a new band is named? That’s sure to add some excitement. And brace yourself for another round when a new ex shows up! It’s like the game just keeps on giving.

We can’t forget the magic word: Ramona! Take a shot every time someone says her name. Trust me, it’ll happen quite often!

Scott Pilgrim’s video game aesthetic is something to behold. With its cool sound effects and references to pop culture, it creates an unparalleled drinking game experience. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind way to enjoy a night with friends.

5. The Hangover

The Hangover
In the buddy comedy movie The Hangover, there are some fun drinking triggers that you can enjoy. One of them is whenever Alan copies Phil, which happens quite a few times throughout the movie. Another trigger is whenever you spot a new Vegas landmark, as the movie showcases many iconic locations. Stu’s missing tooth is another thing to look out for, as he often touches it or mentions it. Of course, with the wild antics that take place in Vegas, you can also take a sip whenever you see neon lights. And let’s not forget the occasional mishap – take a drink whenever someone gets hurt. With all these drinking triggers, The Hangover guarantees a hilarious and boozy viewing experience!

6. The Room

The Room
Ready for a hilariously bad movie drinking game? Well, look no further than The Room, a cult classic that’s so bad, it’s actually good. Get ready to take a sip every time you hear the famous line “Oh hai,” or when Lisa is described as sexy or beautiful. And let’s not forget to raise our glasses when Mark is labeled as a best friend. Oh, and of course, don’t worry about it if you hear the phrase “Don’t worry about it.” Lastly, bottoms up whenever anyone decides to randomly throw a football. With its absurd dialogue and bizarre football tossing, The Room is the ultimate choice for an epic night of drinking and laughter. Cheers!

7. Die Hard

Die Hard
Take a sip whenever:
– Someone uses a walkie-talkie.
– John talks to himself.
– Something explodes.
– Anyone gets killed or injured.
– You’re reminded that it’s Christmas.

Die Hard offers the perfect mix of action and a Christmas setting, making it an ideal choice for a drinking game. With frequent walkie-talkie usage and constant reminders of the holiday season, there’s plenty of material to keep the drinks flowing.

8. Bring It On

Bring It On
In the cheerleading comedy Bring It On, there are plenty of moments that will make you want to take a sip. For instance, take a drink every time someone utters the word “Toros.” It’s a surefire way to stay hydrated throughout the film.

Another drinking cue is any time a pun on the word “cheer” is thrown into the mix. Get ready to raise your glass whenever a clever play on words comes your way.

Keep your eyes peeled for male cheerleaders, because whenever you spot one, it’s time to take a sip. They bring a unique energy to the cheerleading squad and deserve a toast.

“Spirit fingers” is another phrase that will have you reaching for your drink. Take a swig whenever someone busts out this iconic cheerleading move.

And lastly, be prepared for a drink every time you hear a white girl using street slang. It’s always interesting to see different cultures collide, and it’s worth raising a glass to these instances.

With its peppy lingo and a plethora of opportunities for pun-fueled drinking, Bring It On is a cheerleading comedy that guarantees a fun and spirited time. So grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the cheer-filled ride!

9. The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski
Looking for a fun drinking game? Give The Big Lebowski a try! Take a sip every time Donny, one of the characters, says “dude.” It’s a word you’ll hear quite often throughout the movie!

Walter, another character, has a catchphrase too. Take a drink whenever he says “Shomer Shabbos.” It’s his way of expressing his dedication to observing the Jewish Sabbath.

Keep an eye out for weapons! Whenever a weapon appears on screen, take a sip. It’s a game element that adds excitement to the movie.

Bowling fans, this one’s for you. Whenever someone bowls a strike, it’s time for a drink. The sport plays a significant role in the movie, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to raise your glass.

And of course, we can’t forget about The Dude, the main character. Take a sip every time he drinks a White Russian, his signature cocktail. Throughout the film, you’ll see him enjoying these creamy concoctions.

With an abundance of White Russians, frequent “dude” utterances, and a laid-back comedic tone, The Big Lebowski is the perfect movie for a mellow drinking game. So grab your favorite drink, sit back, and enjoy the hilarity of this cult classic. Cheers!

10. The Fast and the Furious

The Fast and the Furious
Here are a few cues to take a sip: when a punch is thrown, when the camera zooms in on a gear shift, when a car is driven in reverse, when someone mentions “Dom,” and when you spot a gal wearing very little. This action-packed franchise is loaded with these drinking moments, thanks to its fast cars, revealing outfits, and macho behavior.

11. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park
Drink every time someone throws a switch. It happens quite a bit and adds to the excitement of the movie. Cheers!

You see the Jurassic Park logo. Keep an eye out for that iconic logo popping up on the screen. Take a sip and enjoy the nostalgia!

Someone mentions some outdated technology, like an “interactive CD-ROM.” It’s funny how technology has changed since the movie was made. Take a drink and have a laugh!

Wayne Knight eats. Keep an eye on Wayne Knight’s character because he loves his food. Take a sip every time he digs in!

A living thing gets eaten. Well, it’s Jurassic Park after all, so you can expect some thrilling and chilling moments. Take a gulp whenever a creature becomes a meal!

Jurassic Park is a solid choice for a drinking game with built-in jump scares. With dinosaurs, outdated tech references, and dark thrills, it’s a perfect combination for an exciting night. Cheers!