DVD Release Date11 Best Original Shows on BET Plus in 2023: Must-Watch Collection

11 Best Original Shows on BET Plus in 2023: Must-Watch Collection

11 Best Original Shows on BET Plus in 2023: Must-Watch Collection

Looking to spice up your streaming playlist? Look no further than BET+. This awesome streaming service offers a wide range of captivating shows, from gripping dramas to hilarious comedies. But hold your horses, there’s more! It’s also the exclusive home of the sensational Tyler Perry’s programming, thanks to BET’s fantastic partnership with him.

If you’re a sucker for heart-pounding dramas, brace yourself for mind-blowing shows like Ruthless. And for those seeking a lighter touch, buckle up for sidesplitting comedies like Bruh. But fear not, if Tyler Perry isn’t your cup of tea, BET+ has got your back with a treasure trove of other options. Dive into thrilling crime dramas like The Family Business or indulge in rib-tickling comedies like First Wives Club.

BET+ isn’t just about mind-blowing original programming, it’s also the go-to destination for beloved shows like The Rich and the Ruthless. On top of that, it’s the only place in the US where you can catch incredible series like the Canadian sensation, The Porter.

Feeling overwhelmed with the endless streaming options out there? This list of the crème de la crème of BET+ original premieres will help you navigate the maze. These rankings are based on the opinions of fellow viewers like yourself, so get ready to unearth some hidden gems.

So, if you’re dying to know what’s sizzling on the BET+ streaming menu, don’t miss out on their mind-blowing original series. And remember, keep your excitement alive by sharing your thoughts on the best shows out there!

1. All the Queen’s Men

All the Queen's Men
All the Queen’s Men is truly a remarkable show, brimming with talent, drama, and heartfelt moments. With an amazing cast at its helm, this series effortlessly brings together captivating stories of strong and dynamic characters. It’s like a breath of fresh air, reshaping the concept of a hit show and making a lasting impact on BET’s continuous success.

Actors: Skyh Alvester Black, Candace Maxwell, Racquel Palmer, Michael Bolwaire, Keith Swift
Premiered: September 9, 2021

2. Zatima

Zatima is a show that takes its audience on an exciting journey filled with crime, mystery, and friendship. Fans of this genre from all over the world have given it amazing reviews. The cast does a fantastic job unraveling complex conspiracies, making viewers completely invested in their lives. With its talented and diverse group of actors, Zatima is definitely one of the highlights in BET’s programming lineup.

Actors: Crystal Hayslett, Devale Ellis, Cameron Fuller, Remington Hoffman, Nzinga Imani
Premiered: September 22, 2022

3. The Ms. Pat Show

The Ms. Pat Show
The Ms. Pat Show is all about the power of laughter and resilience. It’s a mix of heartwarming moments and hilarious comedy that never fails to bring joy to millions. This show is a shining example of BET’s amazing programming, showcasing their creativity and spirit.

Actors: Ms. Pat, J. Bernard Calloway, Tami Roman, Theodore Barnes, Briyana Guadalupe
Premiered: August 12, 2021

4. First Wives Club

First Wives Club
First Wives Club is a captivating show that beautifully captures the essence of friendship, heartbreak, and the unwavering determination of its relatable characters. The talented cast brings these stories to life, resulting in a dazzling combination of victories, obstacles, and moments of joy. Not only has the show won over the hearts of its viewers, but it has also become a cherished gem in BET’s collection.

Actors: Ryan Michelle Bathe, Jill Scott, Michelle Buteau, RonReaco Lee, Mark Tallman
Premiered: September 19, 2019

5. The Family Business

The Family Business
The Family Business is truly an incredible storytelling phenomenon. It manages to beautifully capture the quiet moments of love and loyalty within a world filled with intrigue and danger. The diverse cast does a masterful job of unraveling the intricate threads of the family’s shadowy legacy, leaving viewers completely captivated by this unforgettable tale. In every way, the show is a crowning achievement that adds another feather to BET’s already impressive cap.

Actors: Ernie Hudson, Valarie Pettiford, Emilio Rivera, Javicia Leslie, Darrin Dewitt Henson
Premiered: November 13, 2018

6. Ruthless

Ruthless captivates its audience with a thrilling story of power, seduction, and sacrifice. The characters in this show are incredibly complex, and the talented cast brings them to life in a way that truly mesmerizes. Together, they propel the narrative forward, creating a seamless and engaging experience. It’s no wonder that Ruthless is making a big splash in BET’s renowned lineup.

Actors: Melissa L. Williams, Stephanie Charles, Matt Cedeno, Jaime M. Callica, Lenny Thomas
Premiered: March 19, 2020

7. Kingdom Business

Kingdom Business
Kingdom Business is an exhilarating journey filled with ambition, faith, and captivating human stories. With a remarkable cast, this exceptional series captivates viewers with its passion and divine inspiration. It truly stands out among other shows and firmly establishes its position in the BET pantheon.

Actors: Yolanda Adams, Serayah, Michael Jai White, Michael Beach, Chaundre Hall-Broomfield
Premiered: May 19, 2022

8. Sacrifice

Sacrifice effortlessly blends the realms of glamour and crime, reminding us once again that BET’s lineup is always filled with excitement and mystery. The captivating performances from the cast keep the audience craving for more, as every unexpected twist and turn keeps them on the edge of their seats. Sacrifice truly proves to be a valuable addition to BET’s esteemed collection.

Actors: Paula Patton, Juan Antonio, Erica Ash, Altonio Jackson, Nicoye Banks
Premiered: November 4, 2021

9. Average Joe

Average Joe
– Deon Cole
– Tammy Townsend
– Malcolm Barrett
– Cynthia Kaye McWilliams
– Michael Trucco

Premiered: June 26, 2023

10. The Porter

The Porter
The Porter is a show that really knows how to captivate its audience. With its intricate storylines and engaging cast, it has the power to make hearts race and minds ponder. The characters in the show navigate through the trials and tribulations of a bygone era, and this captivating narrative has viewers completely swept up. It’s no wonder that The Porter continues to transport BET audiences to new and unexpected realms.

Actors: Mouna Traoré, Alfre Woodard, Aml Ameen, Stephanie Sy, Olunike Adeliyi
Premiered: February 21, 2022

11. Diggstown

Diggstown truly captivates viewers with its gripping story of law and determination. The characters, brought to life by an incredible cast, are dynamic and relentless, showing us that the struggle for justice never stops. This amazing series stands out in BET’s collection of outstanding shows.

Actors: Vinessa Antoine, Natasha Henstridge, C. David Johnson, Stacey Farber, Brandon Oakes
Premiered: 2019