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11 Best Reality Shows about Professionals: From Police to Fisherman in the Year 2023

11 Best Reality Shows about Professionals: From Police to Fisherman in the Year 2023

Reality TV shows about unique and fascinating jobs have taken the world by storm, offering an exciting glimpse into the inner workings of various professions, spiced up with a dash of adrenaline. These unscripted series have become the backbone of reality television, exploring a wide array of careers that ignite our curiosity. Whether you’re captivated by the world of bounty hunters, law enforcement, tattoo artists, or even fishermen, there’s a show that immerses you in the captivating lives of these professionals.

The Discovery Channel has gained recognition for showcasing some of the most extraordinary and lesser-known professions in their reality TV shows, and they never fail to bring the emotional rollercoaster. Shows like Deadliest Catch and American Chopper combine the thrill of reality show drama with captivating real-life stories, while Dirty Jobs presents a diverse collection of professions in every episode, giving us a taste of various exciting careers. Cops, one of the pioneers in the reality TV genre, hit the screens in 1988, allowing viewers to ride along with law enforcement officers on their patrols. The success of Cops paved the way for countless other series that follow first responders and individuals in the medical field. It’s important to note that reality shows aren’t solely focused on physically demanding, high-octane occupations; they also shine a spotlight on the creative realm, as demonstrated in shows like Ace Of Cakes and Miami Ink.

1. Dirty Jobs

Dirty Jobs
Get ready for an astonishing adventure into the realm of extreme occupations. These dedicated workers take on some of the dirtiest, toughest, and most obscure jobs out there. We’re talking about sewer cleaners, roadkill collectors, and other unsung heroes who do incredible work day in and day out. Brace yourself and prepare to be amazed because things are about to get wild!

Premiered: November 7, 2003
Actors: Mike Rowe, David M. Barsky, Doug Glover

2. Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch
Imagine these daring fishermen, fearlessly defying perilous waves and freezing temperatures in their relentless pursuit of the perfect catch from the treacherous waters of the Bering Sea. Brace yourself to witness the incredible physical, mental, and emotional challenges that these brave seafarers confront as they embark on their quest for the ultimate payday. Prepare to be on the edge of your seat, gasping in awe as you watch these adventurers take on some of the deadliest seas on the planet.

Premiered: April 12, 2005
Actors: Rick Quashnick, Sig Hansen, Edgar Hansen

3. Dirty Jobs: Rowe’d Trip

Dirty Jobs: Rowe'd Trip
Come join us on an exciting cross-country journey with our beloved host from Dirty Jobs! We’ll be reliving his most unforgettable and grimy moments as we travel from one end of the nation to the other. Get ready to hear incredible tales, gain new perspectives, and get an exclusive glimpse into the making of the original show. Remember, it’s not just about the dirt; it’s about the remarkable individuals and their unwavering determination that will leave you in awe.

Premiered: July 7, 2020
Actor: Mike Rowe

4. Deadliest Catch: Bloodline

Deadliest Catch: Bloodline
Come and uncover the fascinating history behind the Hansen fishing legacy! We will delve into their deep-rooted connection to Hawaii and their exciting endeavor of reviving the offshore tuna fishing tradition. Brace yourself for a captivating saga of family bonds, magnificent bluefin tuna, and a thrilling race against the clock to reach their quota before the season concludes. Get ready, everyone – this spinoff is guaranteed to reel you in!

Premiered: April 14, 2020
Actor: Josh Harris

5. Cops

Come face-to-face with America’s courageous law enforcement officers in this revolutionary, unscripted series. Watch as they fearlessly take on crime in high-stakes situations. Experience thrilling high-speed chases, intense confrontations, and emotional human stories that unfold right on the streets they patrol. This show is unfiltered, gritty, and will undoubtedly make you develop a deeper respect for those who dedicate their lives to protecting and serving.

Premiered: March 11, 1989
Actors: Andrew Fincher, Joe Guay, Wayne Anderson

6. Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove

Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove
Come and explore the treacherous Oregon coast, where you’ll find the most dangerous commercial fishery in America – the Dungeness crab industry. Witness the incredible bravery of the fishermen as they risk their lives in the face of relentless waves and extreme weather conditions, all in pursuit of the lucrative crustaceans. This captivating spinoff will undoubtedly leave you on the edge of your seat, as survival of the fittest becomes the name of the game.

Gary Ripka, Mikey Retherford Jr., Kenny Ripka

7. Big Timber

Big Timber
Welcome to the fascinating world of logger-led crews in British Columbia! These hardworking individuals brave steep terrain and dense forests to harvest valuable logs. It’s a true test of their skills and determination as they face the challenges of harsh weather, mechanical breakdowns, and towering timber.

As you delve into their journey, you can’t help but cheer for these lumberjacks. With quotas and deadlines looming over them, the pressure mounts. Will they be able to meet these demands? Join them on this gripping adventure and find out!

Premiered: October 8, 2020
Actors: Sarah Fleming, Erik Wenstob, Kevin Wenstob

8. Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers
Come and be a part of the brave truckers who fearlessly maneuver through the dangerous, icy roads of North America’s most secluded areas. These drivers face the brutal cold, blinding snowstorms, and the ever-present danger of accidents, all while striving to transport essential goods to distant communities. Brace yourself for an intense and bone-chilling expedition into the very core of the trucking world!

Premiered: June 17, 2007
Actors: Alex Debogorski, Thom Beers, Hugh Rowland

9. Iron and Fire

Iron and Fire
Enter the world of a rural blacksmith who crafts personalized weapons and tools using traditional methods and authentic American determination. Be amazed by his exceptional skill and creativity as he transforms discarded metal into functional pieces of art. In a world dominated by factory-made products, this series pays homage to the craftsmanship and spirit of the artisan.

Premiered: April 11, 2016
Actors: Charlie Casey, Daniel Casey, Bob Thatcher

10. American Chopper

American Chopper
Get ready for an adrenaline-filled adventure at the legendary Orange County Choppers, where you’ll witness all the action up close. Join the dynamic father-son team as they navigate through intense arguments, showcase their engineering expertise, and create mind-blowing motorcycles. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey into the high-stakes realm of bike building that will leave you craving for more.

Premiered: March 31, 2003
Actors: Paul Teutul Sr., Paul Teutul Jr., Michael Teutul

11. Cal Fire

Cal Fire
Step into the inferno alongside the courageous firefighters of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, as they fearlessly confront wildfires and other emergencies. Get a firsthand glimpse of the incredible camaraderie, bravery, and selflessness displayed by these heroes who risk it all to safeguard lives and defend their communities. This gripping series sheds light on the vital work carried out by these unsung heroes – after watching, you’ll undoubtedly develop a newfound admiration for these dedicated men and women in uniform.