DVD Release Date11 Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials on Amazon Prime in 2023

11 Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials on Amazon Prime in 2023

11 Best Stand-Up Comedy Specials on Amazon Prime in 2023

Searching for the most hilarious stand-up comedy specials to stream for free? Look no further than this fantastic list on Amazon Prime! We’ve gathered all the top-notch stand-up films in one convenient spot, so you can fully enjoy your Amazon Prime service. Prepare yourself for a laughter-filled evening as you catch up on the latest hit movies and timeless classics, all from the cozy comfort of your living room with Amazon Prime instant.

Are you curious about the absolute best comedy stand-up movies available on Amazon Prime instant? Do you wonder what gems await you in the vast selection of stand-up comedy available for streaming on Amazon? Are you on the lookout for fresh and exciting comedy concerts on Amazon Prime instant? Well, fret no more! This incredible list of stand-up films on Amazon Prime streaming is here to guide you and ensure you experience the very best that Amazon has to offer.

And for those who enjoy a bit of controversy, we have a special treat for you: “Lewis Black: Red, White and Screwed.”

1. Tom Segura: Completely Normal

Tom Segura: Completely Normal
In this hilarious special, Tom Segura brings his unique storytelling style to the forefront. With a perfect blend of witty punchlines and deadpan humor, he has the audience laughing uncontrollably. Segura fearlessly delves into the absurdities of life, covering topics like marriage, parenthood, and bizarre encounters with strangers. Completely Normal cements Segura’s position as a comedy heavyweight and has motivated many comedians to embrace their own quirky viewpoints. His ability to connect with the audience through relatable and distinctive perspectives has earned him a dedicated fan base, making this special an absolute must-watch.

Released: 2014
Directed by: Jay Chapman
Actors: Tom Segura

2. George Carlin: Playing with Your Head

George Carlin: Playing with Your Head
Playing with Your Head” is a brilliant display of George Carlin’s knack for finding humor in the ordinary. He effortlessly breaks down cliches and social norms, leaving audiences in stitches. This special truly showcases Carlin’s lasting impact on comedy, as many comedians have tried to imitate his clever wordplay and astute observations. Whether you’re discovering Carlin’s genius for the first time or simply need a comedy fix, “Playing with Your Head” is a must-watch that will go down in comedy history

Released: 1986
Directed by: Rocco Urbisci
Actors: George Carlin

3. George Carlin: Carlin at Carnegie

George Carlin: Carlin at Carnegie
In this timeless special, George Carlin unleashes a fiery and unforgettable performance at the renowned Carnegie Hall, solidifying his place among the comedy legends. With his unparalleled wit and keen observations, Carlin fearlessly dives into a wide range of subjects, from politics and religion to the quirks of the English language. Carlin at Carnegie has become an adored comedy classic, leaving a lasting impact on countless comedians who have aspired to capture his distinctive mix of social commentary and humor. If you’re a comedy aficionado in search of gut-busting laughter, this special is an absolute must-watch.

Released: 1982
Directed by: Steven J. Santos
Actors: George Carlin

4. Kathleen Madigan: Madigan Again

Kathleen Madigan: Madigan Again
Get ready to laugh your socks off with Kathleen Madigan’s hilarious special, Madigan Again. She has an incredible knack for taking everyday observations and turning them into gut-busting comedy. In this uproarious show, she dives deep into the ridiculousness of life, covering everything from family and pop culture to politics.

One of the reasons Madigan has become such a beloved figure is her relatable and down-to-earth style of humor. She has a way of connecting with audiences that has earned her a dedicated fan base and even inspired countless imitators. With Madigan Again, you can expect to be entertained by one of comedy’s elite performers.

If you’re in need of a good laugh and enjoy comedy that feels familiar, Madigan Again is the perfect choice for you. So sit back, relax, and prepare yourself for a healthy dose of laughter with Kathleen Madigan.

Released: 2013
Directed by: Jay Chapman
Actors: Kathleen Madigan

5. George Carlin: Jammin’ in New York

George Carlin: Jammin' in New York
George Carlin’s Jammin’ in New York is a true testament to his comedic genius. He fearlessly dives into politics, religion, and language, pushing the envelope like no one else. Many comedians have been inspired by his bold approach to controversial subjects, finding the courage to tackle difficult topics with wit and fearlessness. This special is a masterclass in boundary-pushing humor, showcasing Carlin’s enduring legacy in the comedy world. If you’re looking for a thought-provoking and unforgettable comedy experience, Jammin’ in New York is a must-watch.

6. George Carlin: Back in Town

George Carlin: Back in Town
George Carlin is absolutely killing it in his special, Back in Town. He fearlessly dives into controversial topics, using his wit and irreverence to tackle politics, language, and society’s absurdities. It’s impossible not to be impressed by his comedic brilliance – he leaves audiences in awe. This special firmly established Carlin as a comedy legend and continues to influence up-and-coming comedians to push boundaries with their humor. If you’re a fan of bold, unapologetic comedy, you can’t afford to miss Back in Town.

7. George Carlin: Again!

George Carlin: Again!
In his second HBO special, George Carlin shows why he’s a legend in comedy with Again! He takes on a wide range of topics, from the quirks of the English language to the norms of society. Carlin’s quick wit and ability to observe the world around him will keep you entertained and make you think. This special is a testament to Carlin’s lasting impact on comedy, motivating numerous comedians to follow in his footsteps. If you want to witness a master in action, George Carlin: Again! is a must-watch.

8. Lewis Black: Black to the Future

Lewis Black: Black to the Future
Lewis Black’s Black on Broadway is a show where his signature rage-fueled humor is in the spotlight. He fearlessly dives into contentious topics like politics, religion, and the everyday annoyances of life. Known for his fiery wit, Black has become an influential figure in the comedy world, inspiring many performers to turn their own frustrations into funny material. Black on Broadway is not just an exceptional performance, but also a significant step in the development of stand-up comedy. If you’re a fan of unfiltered, unrestrained humor, this is a must-see special.

9. George Carlin: Complaints and Grievances

George Carlin: Complaints and Grievances
Complaints and Grievances is all about George Carlin’s amazing talent for turning life’s frustrations into pure comedy gold. He digs deep into the ridiculousness of today’s society and has audiences roaring with laughter by taking aim at everything from airport security to our bizarre obsession with cleanliness. This special not only cements Carlin’s status as a comedy legend but also motivates a whole new generation of performers to tackle similar topics. If you’re in the mood for a side-splitting perspective on life’s annoyances, Complaints and Grievances is a must-watch.

10. George Carlin: On Location At USC

George Carlin: On Location At USC
Hey, have you seen ‘On Location With George Carlin’? It’s a fantastic show that gives you an up-close and personal look into the life of the legendary comedian. You get to witness him doing what he does best – cracking hilarious jokes and sharing his insightful views on society. The special was actually filmed during one of Carlin’s early performances, so it’s like a historical time capsule capturing the beginnings of a comedy icon’s career.

Carlin’s humor is all about observing the world around us and bringing out the funny side of everyday situations. His unique perspective on various topics is still highly influential today, and he has inspired countless comedians who have followed in his footsteps. If you’re a die-hard fan, you absolutely can’t miss this. But even if you’re new to the comedy scene, it’s a must-watch that will leave you in stitches.

11. George Carlin: You are All Diseased

George Carlin: You are All Diseased
In the stand-up comedy special “You Are All Diseased,” George Carlin fearlessly dives into controversial subjects, leaving audiences breathless. From religion to consumerism, Carlin fearlessly tackles it all, and his sharp and controversial observations have cemented his status as a groundbreaking comedian. His fearless approach continues to inspire countless comedians to fearlessly tackle difficult topics with wit and humor. For comedy fans, this special is a must-watch, as it serves as a testament to Carlin’s wit and fearlessness.