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11 Best TV Shows About Con Artists in 2023 – Top Picks for Entertainment

11 Best TV Shows About Con Artists in 2023 - Top Picks for Entertainment

If you’re a fan of movies or TV shows about cunning tricksters, you’ve probably caught yourself imagining how you would have outsmarted them. That’s the thrill of these shows – immersing ourselves in the plot and envisioning our own clever schemes. Will we fall for an obvious trick or could we pull off a con of our own? This is why crime dramas and TV shows with con artists are so captivating and plentiful.

Creating a TV show with a con artist as the main character poses a unique challenge for writers. When they successfully pull it off, it’s like a con within the show itself. Take series like White Collar, for instance, which sets up an intriguing dynamic between the con artist and the FBI agent who initially pursued him. Eventually, they end up working together when their combined skills are needed. Then there are shows like American Gods, where the con is cleverly disguised within characters like Wednesday, who seems to exist solely to manipulate the main character, Shadow, into doing things he wouldn’t normally do. In short, there’s a wide range of amazing shows centered around con artists, but which one reigns supreme? Share your thoughts below!

So, what are the most captivating TV shows featuring these charming tricksters? If you’re seeking recommendations, this list has some truly fantastic suggestions. Pick your favorite con artist shows and see how they stack up against the rest.

Note: The section discussing the divisiveness of “Fargo” has been omitted as requested.

1. White Collar

White Collar
Get ready for a wild ride of deceit! This series is all about an art thief with loads of charm teaming up with an FBI agent to nab other fancy criminals. You won’t be bored for a second as this dynamic duo keeps you guessing with their clever banter, funny moments, and nail-biting suspense. The cast is absolutely magnetic, featuring unforgettable characters like the smooth-talking con man played by Matt Bomer and the tough-as-nails agent portrayed by Tim DeKay. This show is a perfect blend of crime-solving and the ever-changing relationships between its characters. Trust me, it’s made a huge impact on fans and left its mark in TV history.

Actors: Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay, Tiffani Thiessen, Willie Garson, Marsha Thomason
Premiered: October 23, 2009

2. Leverage

This series is an action-packed adventure that grabs viewers’ attention right from the start. It revolves around a group of modern-day Robin Hoods who are skilled con artists. Their mission is to help those who have been victimized by wealthy elites and level the playing field. They are brought together by an ex-insurance investigator who guides them. The team consists of a hacker, grifter, hitter, and thief, each with their own special skills.

What makes this show so captivating is the stellar ensemble cast. They deliver gripping performances that keep audiences hooked. There are twists and turns at every corner, making it an exhilarating ride. No wonder viewers keep coming back for more.

Actors: Timothy Hutton, Aldis Hodge, Christian Kane, Beth Riesgraf, Gina Bellman
Premiered: December 7, 2008

3. The Mentalist

The Mentalist
This show is packed with mind games and manipulation tactics. It takes us deep into the world of a mysterious former psychic medium who now helps law enforcement solve crimes. The show focuses on his ability to observe and analyze, keeping viewers hooked on the intricate details of his past traumas and current moral dilemmas. Simon Baker’s captivating portrayal of the lead character, along with a talented supporting cast, makes it clear why this show is one of the most popular ones about con artists.

Actors: Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Rockmond Dunbar, Joe Adler
Premiered: September 23, 2008

4. Imposters

This series is full of intrigue and plenty of unexpected twists. It revolves around a young woman who manipulates people’s trust to make a living, only to disappear without a trace. But when her latest victims team up to find her and reveal her secrets, they become entangled in a complex web that goes deeper than they ever imagined. The show boasts a talented cast, including Inbar Lavi and Rob Heaps, who bring the complex characters to life. It’s no wonder this show has earned its place among the most captivating con artist dramas.

Actors: Inbar Lavi, Rob Heaps, Parker Young, Stephen Bishop, Marianne Rendón
Premiered: February 7, 2017

5. Sneaky Pete

Sneaky Pete
This series is a brilliant mix of crime and family drama. It revolves around a con man who cleverly takes on his cellmate’s identity to escape the wrath of a dangerous gangster. As he becomes more involved in the lives of his new “family,” we witness an intricate balance between deceit and genuine relationships. Giovanni Ribisi truly excels in his portrayal of the main character, and he is backed up by an incredible cast that includes Bryan Cranston as the formidable antagonist. This captivating show keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its intense storylines and unforgettable performances.

Actors: Giovanni Ribisi, Margo Martindale, Marin Ireland, Peter Gerety, Libe Barer
Premiered: August 7, 2015

6. Hustle

This show has a touch of British flair and serves up some high-stakes cons pulled off by a team of elite grifters. Adrian Lester plays the experienced con man leading the pack, and they target unscrupulous business moguls and corrupt politicians who deserve a taste of their own medicine. The ensemble’s chemistry is off the charts, with each character bringing their own unique skills to the table. It’s a sophisticated and stylish show that delivers both suspense and satisfaction to anyone looking for top-notch con artist entertainment.

Actors: Adrian Lester, Robert Glenister, Robert Vaughn
Premiered: February 24, 2004

7. Burn Notice

Burn Notice
Spies, explosions, and betrayal – what a wild ride! This series takes place in the scorching Miami, where we follow the story of an ex-spy. He’s determined to help those in trouble and uncover the truth behind being betrayed and cast aside by mysterious enemies. Leading the charge is the talented Jeffrey Donovan, playing our resourceful protagonist, and he’s joined by the witty Gabrielle Anwar as his love interest. Brace yourself for an action-packed adventure full of cunning cons and jaw-dropping surprises that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Get ready for a show that’s truly unforgettable!

Actors: Jeffrey Donovan, Gabrielle Anwar, Bruce Campbell, Sharon Gless, Coby Bell
Premiered: June 28, 2007

8. Lie to Me

Lie to Me
This series takes a captivating dive into the human mind, focusing on a brilliant psychologist with a knack for spotting deception through micro-expressions. Tim Roth delivers an astounding performance as he uses his expertise to help law enforcement unravel cases filled with lies, secrets, and manipulations. With an extraordinary cast and an innovative concept, this show offers a refreshing twist on the crime drama genre that keeps audiences on their toes, guessing with every twist and turn.

Actors: Tim Roth, Kelli Williams, Monica Raymund, Brendan Hines, Mekhi Phifer
Premiered: January 21, 2009

9. Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul
In this prequel to the highly praised Breaking Bad series, we get a deep dive into the early days of Jimmy McGill, before he becomes the notorious lawyer Saul Goodman. Bob Odenkirk truly impresses with his portrayal of a complex character who grapples with his sense of right and wrong while maneuvering through the shady realm of the legal profession. The show skillfully blends humor, heartache, and tension, providing a mesmerizing glimpse into the world of scams and plots that eventually lead to Jimmy’s downfall.

Actors: Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Michael Mando, Patrick Fabian, Rhea Seehorn
Premiered: February 8, 2015

10. The Catch

The Catch
This show has got it all – a perfect mix of romance and mystery. It revolves around a top-notch private investigator who finds herself caught up in the web of a charming con man she’s supposed to apprehend. Brace yourself for a thrilling cat-and-mouse chase, filled with unexpected twists, shocking turns, and plenty of betrayal. But what really hooks you is the undeniable chemistry between the lead characters. Played by the talented Mireille Enos and Peter Krause, they bring the perfect blend of excitement and romance to the screen. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride of adrenaline-pumping thrills and heart-melting moments that will leave you guessing.

Actors: Mireille Enos, Peter Krause, Sonya Walger, John Simm, Jay Hayden
Premiered: March 24, 2016

11. Ozark

Set in a small-town America, this series tells a captivating story of a family’s plunge into criminality as they try to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel. Jason Bateman’s intense portrayal of Marty Byrde, a financial planner turned money launderer, takes viewers on a thrilling journey filled with deception and moral dilemmas. The show’s suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat, and the talented ensemble cast adds to its undeniable appeal. It’s no wonder this series has earned its spot among television’s most gripping dramas.

Actors: Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Sofia Hublitz, Skylar Gaertner, Julia Garner
Premiered: July 21, 2017