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The Amazing Race 11: Ranking the Seasons as the Best to the Worst in 2023

The Amazing Race 11: Ranking the Seasons as the Best to the Worst in 2023

The Amazing Race has an incredible 34 seasons under its belt, making it a real head-scratcher to decide which one takes the cake. Each season brings a unique twist, featuring couples, family members, and even celebrities and reality TV stars. With so many options, it’s like a buffet of excitement.

In The Amazing Race, teams set off on a whirlwind adventure across the globe, facing physical and mental challenges to snag a hefty cash prize. Season 34 took things up a notch by starting outside of the United States for the first time. And guess what? They even roped in some Big Brother alums like Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss!

Season 29 decided to shake things up by teaming up complete strangers. These pairs were randomly thrown together at the Starting Line, adding an element of surprise to the race. Season 26 took a similar approach but with a twist – they threw in five couples who were already dating, while the other five were matched up as “blind date” teams. Talk about a love-filled adventure!

For the die-hard fans out there, Season 24 is a real treat. It brought back beloved contestants from previous seasons, creating an All-Star lineup that had fans jumping for joy.

If you’re itching to dive deeper into the thrilling world of The Amazing Race, you can find more juicy details below. Have a blast exploring and let us know your favorites – we’re curious to see if other fans share your top picks.

1. The Amazing Race – Season 34

The Amazing Race - Season 34
The latest season of The Amazing Race, Season 34, kicked off in an exciting twist by starting outside of the United States. Twelve teams of two embarked on their race from Munich, Germany. Throughout the season, these teams voyaged across various countries, encountering captivating destinations like Iceland, Spain, France, Jordan, and Italy. The thrilling journey concluded with the final three teams sprinting through Nashville, Tennessee.

The contestants were pushed to their limits as they faced an array of diverse challenges. From carting a massive 88-pound wheel of parmigiano cheese in Italy to showcasing their grilling skills in Spain, each task tested their abilities and determination. One standout moment was when teams had to play a gigantic floor piano in Tennessee, which surely brought out their musical talents.

Ultimately, it was Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss who emerged victorious, capturing the title of Season 34 winners. Their impressive performance throughout the race earned them the well-deserved triumph.

2. The Amazing Race – Season 19

The Amazing Race - Season 19
Season 19 of The Amazing Race began in Pasadena, California. The teams embarked on a thrilling journey, exploring various countries such as Indonesia, Denmark, and Panama. Throughout the race, the challenges put their physical strength and mental agility to the test. Unfortunately, as the teams struggled to keep up, they were eliminated one by one.

In the end, it was Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang who emerged as the triumphant winners. They were the first to reach the finish line, conquering all the obstacles along the way. As a result, they walked away with the coveted prize of $1 million.

3. The Amazing Race – Season 7

The Amazing Race - Season 7
In Season 7, the show took us on exciting adventures across various countries such as Peru, Botswana, and Turkey, to name a few. One couple, Uchenna and Joyce Agu, emerged as the champions of this thrilling season. The journey kicked off in the sunny city of Long Beach, California, and concluded in the vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

4. The Amazing Race – Season 1

The Amazing Race - Season 1
In Season 1 of The Amazing Race, there were 11 teams of two who set off on an epic journey around the globe. Their adventure began in Central Park, New York and came to a thrilling conclusion in Los Angeles. Along the way, they explored diverse countries such as Zambia, France, and China, where they encountered a series of tasks that pushed their limits both physically and mentally. After a fierce competition, it was Rob Frisbee and Brennan Swain who emerged victorious as the winners of this inaugural season.

5. The Amazing Race – Season 10

The Amazing Race - Season 10
Season 10 of The Amazing Race was an absolute blast! We got to witness an incredible journey around the world, with teams starting their race in beautiful Seattle. From there, they embarked on a whirlwind adventure, visiting countries like China, Ukraine, and Mauritius. Each destination brought its own set of challenges that pushed the players to their limits, both physically and mentally. It was truly a test of their strength and quick thinking.

Among the many talented teams, Tyler Denk and James Branaman truly shone. These guys proved to be true champions, overcoming all obstacles in their path. With their unwavering determination and remarkable skills, they emerged victorious, and walked away with a jaw-dropping $1 million prize. It was well-deserved, to say the least!

The Amazing Race Season 10 was an absolute thrill ride from start to finish. The diverse locations, the incredible challenges, and the extraordinary contestants made it a truly unforgettable experience. It just goes to show that with dedication and perseverance, anything is possible. Hats off to Tyler and James for their impressive win!

6. The Amazing Race – Season 13

The Amazing Race - Season 13
Season 13 of The Amazing Race was an absolute thrill ride! The competition was fierce as teams raced across the globe, starting their adventure in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. From there, they embarked on an exhilarating journey that took them to incredible destinations like Bolivia, Kazakhstan, and India. It was a wild ride, to say the least!

But amidst all the chaos and adrenaline, one team truly stood out. Nick and Starr Spangler were an absolute force to be reckoned with. Their exceptional teamwork was unparalleled, and it ultimately led them to victory. They managed to conquer every challenge thrown at them, proving themselves to be the well-deserved winners of the season.

The energy and excitement of Season 13 were palpable, with each episode leaving us on the edge of our seats. From heart-pounding race sequences to awe-inspiring glimpses of the world’s most stunning locations, it was a true feast for the senses. The competition was fierce, as teams pushed themselves to the limit in their quest for victory.

But it was Nick and Starr who truly stole the show. Their unwavering determination and seamless coordination set them apart from the rest. They navigated treacherous terrains, faced grueling tasks, and pushed through exhaustion, all while maintaining an impressive level of camaraderie. Their teamwork was truly exceptional, and it undoubtedly played a crucial role in their triumph.

In the end, it was clear that Nick and Starr Spangler were the undeniable champions of Season 13. Their tenacity, skill, and unwavering bond proved to be the winning formula. They showcased what it takes to be successful in The Amazing Race, leaving viewers in awe of their incredible journey. It was a season to remember, filled with unforgettable moments and a deserving victor.

7. The Amazing Race – Season 5

The Amazing Race - Season 5
Season 5 of The Amazing Race took the contestants on a thrilling adventure to various breathtaking destinations. They explored stunning places like Russia, Egypt, and the Philippines, experiencing different cultures and landscapes along the way. The race began in Santa Monica, California, and concluded at the finish line in Dallas, Texas. Throughout the season, the teams faced countless challenges, testing their physical and mental abilities to the limit. In the end, it was Chip and Kim McAllister who triumphed over all obstacles and emerged as the deserving winners of Season 5.

8. The Amazing Race – Season 12

The Amazing Race - Season 12
The Amazing Race season 12 brought back the classic format of the show, featuring a fresh batch of teams. Kicking off in Los Angeles, the race took them to various countries like Ireland, Burkina Faso, and Taiwan. Amongst all the competitors, TK Erwin and Rachel Rosales proved to be the strongest, ultimately being crowned as the winners.

9. The Amazing Race – Season 30

The Amazing Race - Season 30
Season 30 of The Amazing Race was quite exciting, with a great mix of teams. We had IndyCar drivers, competitive eaters, and even NBA players! The adventure kicked off at Washington Square Park in New York City, and from there, teams embarked on an incredible journey to countries like Belgium, Zimbabwe, and Thailand.

But guess who emerged victorious? Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf! They really showed their mettle and managed to stay ahead of their competitors throughout the season. Their hard work and determination paid off when they clinched the grand prize. It was truly an amazing feat!

10. The Amazing Race – Season 24

The Amazing Race - Season 24
Season 24, or “All-Stars,” was jam-packed with teams that left a lasting impression in previous seasons. Their adventure kicked off in Santa Clarita, California, taking them on a whirlwind tour of breathtaking destinations like Malaysia, Italy, and Wales. And the grand finale? It was none other than Dave and Connor O’Leary, a formidable father-son duo, who emerged victorious, sealing their place in the winner’s circle.

11. The Amazing Race – Season 18

The Amazing Race - Season 18
The Amazing Race season 18, also known as “Unfinished Business,” was a thrilling journey that reunited former teams who narrowly missed out on victory in their first attempt. From picturesque Australia to vibrant Japan and breathtaking Switzerland, the contestants embarked on a globetrotting adventure like no other. Ultimately, it was Kisha and Jen Hoffman, who had previously competed in season 14, who emerged triumphant this time around.