DVD Release DateThe Voice 2023: Ranking the Seasons as the Best to the Worst

The Voice 2023: Ranking the Seasons as the Best to the Worst

The Voice 2023: Ranking the Seasons as the Best to the Worst

The Voice is the ultimate show that has captivated audiences for an incredible 23 seasons. Each season is an extravaganza of famous coaches, mind-blowing performances, and the unearthing of extraordinary new talents. It’s like trying to choose the most delectable scoop of ice cream from a delightful array of flavors.

Season 1 marked a groundbreaking moment for American viewers, drawing inspiration from the internationally acclaimed show, The Voice of Holland. The coaching dream team consisted of the ever-charismatic Blake Shelton, the suave Adam Levine, the powerhouse Christina Aguilera, and the enigmatic CeeLo Green. Throughout the series, Blake and Adam’s electrifying camaraderie always left us in stitches. But wait, there’s more! The lineup of coaches has been a revolving door of stars, including the sensational Shakira, the smooth Usher, the incomparable Kelly Clarkson, the stylish Gwen Stefani, the groovy Pharrell Williams, the fierce Miley Cyrus, the soulful Alicia Keys, the powerhouse Jennifer Hudson, the dazzling Kelsea Ballerini, the sensational Bebe Rexha, the legendary John Legend, the charming Nick Jonas, the enchanting Ariana Grande, the vibrant Camila Cabello, the charismatic Chance the Rapper, the talented Niall Horan, and the iconic Reba McEntire.

Now, let’s dive into the tantalizing details of each season below. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of The Voice and share your personal favorites. We can’t wait to see if your top picks align with others! So, keep coming back to witness the collective magic of this extraordinary show!

1. The Voice – Season 5

The Voice - Season 5
In Season 5 of the show, we saw the return of Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green as coaches. They were back to their coaching duties, ready to discover some new talent.

One contestant who really stood out was Tessanne Chin. She was representing Team Adam and boy, did she rock the competition! With her powerful vocals and unique reggae style, she really made a name for herself.

In the end, Tessanne emerged as the winner of Season 5. It’s no surprise though, given her incredible talent and ability to captivate the audience. She truly deserves all the recognition she received.

2. The Voice – Season 3

The Voice - Season 3
In Season 3 of the show, there were some changes in the coaching panel. Shakira stepped in to replace Christina Aguilera, and Usher took over for CeeLo Green. The winner of the season happened to be Cassadee Pope from Team Blake. Interestingly, this was the first time a female artist emerged victorious in the competition.

3. The Voice – Season 2

The Voice - Season 2
Season 2 of the show marked the return of the original coaches and crowned Jermaine Paul from Team Blake as the ultimate winner. It was quite a memorable season, thanks to the introduction of the “steal” in the battle rounds. This nifty addition gave the coaches the power to save an artist from elimination, adding an exciting twist to the competition. Moreover, this season boasted a higher level of talent, with numerous artists who had already gained professional experience prior to the show.

4. The Voice – Season 8

The Voice - Season 8
Season 8 of The Voice was a total game-changer. They brought back Christina Aguilera and it was epic. But the real star of the show was Sawyer Fredericks, the 16-year-old prodigy from Team Pharrell. This young dude managed to snatch the victory and make history as one of the youngest winners ever. And let me tell you, his folk-influenced style was like a breath of fresh air in the midst of all the usual pop craziness.

5. The Voice – Season 10

The Voice - Season 10
In Season 10, something truly remarkable happened. Christina Aguilera returned to the panel and made history as the first female coach to mentor a winning artist. The lucky artist in question was none other than the incredibly talented Alisan Porter. Right from the beginning, Alisan’s powerful performances and impressive theatrical background made her an instant favorite among viewers and judges alike.

6. The Voice – Season 13

The Voice - Season 13
Season 13 of The Voice had some exciting changes in store for viewers. Miley Cyrus made her return as a coach, bringing her unique style and expertise to the show. Joining her was Jennifer Hudson, who had previously won season 6 of The Voice UK. With their diverse backgrounds, these two talented artists added a fresh dynamic to the coaching panel.

But it was Chloe Kohanski from Team Blake who stole the spotlight and clinched the title in this thrilling season. What made Chloe stand out was her incredible rock voice, characterized by a unique and raspy tone. Her performances were truly captivating, as she effortlessly commanded the stage with her powerful presence.

Not only did Chloe impress the coaches, but she also won the hearts of the audience. Her talent and stage presence made her an instant fan favorite. It was clear that she had that special something that resonated with people, creating a strong connection between her and the viewers.

Season 13 of The Voice was indeed a memorable one, with Miley Cyrus making a triumphant return and Jennifer Hudson adding her own touch of magic. However, it was Chloe Kohanski who emerged as the true star of the season, captivating everyone with her unique voice and irresistible stage presence.

7. The Voice – Season 14

The Voice - Season 14
Season 14 marked the triumphant return of Alicia Keys, who took on the role of guiding Brynn Cartelli, the youngest winner in the history of the show, to achieve victory. Despite being a mere 15 years old, Brynn’s voice possessed a maturity and soulfulness that defied her age. Moreover, her unwavering ability to deliver remarkable performances across various genres truly made her stand out from the competition.

8. The Voice – Season 15

The Voice - Season 15
In Season 15, Jennifer Hudson made a comeback as a coach, and guess what? Chevel Shepherd from Team Kelly came out on top and won it all! Chevel’s got this amazing country voice that just hits you right in the feels. And let’s not forget her youthful charm that totally won over the audience. She knows how to bring out the emotion in her performances, and that’s why everyone loved her so much.

9. The Voice – Season 7

The Voice - Season 7
Season 7 of The Voice brought in Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams as fresh faces in the coaching panel. The winner, Craig Wayne Boyd, hailed from Team Blake. This particular season stood out for its diverse range of musical genres, as artists took the stage to showcase their talents in everything from country and R&B to indie rock.

10. The Voice – Season 16

The Voice - Season 16
Season 16 of the popular singing competition brought in John Legend as one of the coaches. He sure made a mark, as his team member Maelyn Jarmon emerged as the ultimate champion. What set Maelyn apart from the rest was her incredible vocal range and the emotional depth she injected into her performances. Her renditions of classic ballads struck a chord with viewers and left a lasting impression.

11. The Voice – Season 4

The Voice - Season 4
Season 4 brought back the original coaches and was ultimately claimed by Danielle Bradbery of Team Blake. This particular season stood out for its undeniable country influence, as three out of the four finalists were country artists. It’s worth noting that Danielle, a mere 16 years old at the time of her victory, holds the record for being the youngest winner in the history of the show.