DVD Release DateTop 11 Best Best Portuguese Shows on Netflix in 2023 for Top...

Top 11 Best Best Portuguese Shows on Netflix in 2023 for Top Entertainment

Top 11 Best Best Portuguese Shows on Netflix in 2023 for Top Entertainment

Netflix offers a captivating collection of Portuguese series that will transport you to thrilling sci-fi worlds and have you laughing out loud with hilarious sitcoms. This list brings together the very best of Portuguese Netflix shows, so you can easily discover your next binge-worthy obsession.

Prepare to be blown away by 3%, an incredible Portuguese sci-fi thriller that not only holds the title of the first-ever Portuguese-language Netflix original but is also the second non-English language show on the platform. This gripping series takes place in a dystopian future, where society is deeply divided. With four seasons to immerse yourself in, it’s a must-watch. If you’re a fan of Brazilian thrillers, don’t miss Sintonia, a thrilling teen crime drama, and Invisible City, a dark fantasy series.

Netflix doesn’t stop at thrilling shows – it also delivers top-notch comedies like Smother-In-Law and Back to 15, guaranteed to keep you entertained. For those who love period dramas, Girls From Ipanema is a fantastic choice.

No matter your taste, Netflix has an impressive selection of Portuguese shows waiting for you. Dive in, start watching, and get ready for an unforgettable streaming experience.

And if you’re craving more non-English language shows on Netflix, don’t forget to explore the exciting worlds of Spanish, French, German, and Hindi shows.

Before you go, make sure to check out the latest additions to the Portuguese Netflix lineup: Wake Up, Carlo!, Back to 15, and Smother-in-Law. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy your binge-watching adventure!

1. Brotherhood

So, there’s this lawyer, right? And she’s all about being honest and doing the right thing. But then, bam! She finds herself in a real pickle. The cops come knocking and they want her to snitch on her own brother. Yeah, her own flesh and blood. Turns out, he’s the big shot running a notorious gang that’s gaining power.

Now, this lawyer is facing a serious moral dilemma. She’s torn between loyalty to her brother and her duty to uphold the law. It’s like standing at a crossroads, you know? And she’s got to make a decision that could change her life forever. Tough spot to be in, huh?

Imagine being forced to choose between family and doing what’s right. It’s not an easy call to make. This lawyer is grappling with the weight of this situation. Should she turn her brother in and help the cops take down the criminal faction he leads? Or should she stay true to her blood and keep her mouth shut?

Man, it’s a real moral tug-of-war for this lawyer. She’s got to navigate through this ethical minefield and find a way to make peace with her decision. Whatever she chooses, there’s no doubt that her life will never be the same again. It’s a real game-changer, and it’s all happening right at her doorstep.

Actors: Naruna Costa, Seu Jorge, Hermila Guedes
Premiered: October 19, 2019

2. Girls from Ipanema

Girls from Ipanema
Starring: Maria Casadevall, Leandro Lima, Fernanda Vasconcellos, Mel Lisboa, Patrícia Dejesus

Premiered: March 22, 2019

3. Sintonia

Actors: MC Jottapê, Christian Malheiros, Bruna Mascarenhas, MC M10, Vinícius de Oliveira

Premiered: August 9, 2019

4. 3%

Actors: Bianca Comparato, Rodolfo Valente, Rafael Lozano, Laila Garin, Bruno Fagundes

Premiered: November 25, 2016

5. Until Life Do Us Apart

Until Life Do Us Apart
In this delightful story, we meet a family living under one roof in a picturesque villa. Three generations come together, not only to share their lives but also to run a wedding planning business. As they navigate the challenges of their bustling business and confront their individual struggles, a beautiful tale unfolds.

This family’s journey is filled with heartwarming moments and unexpected twists. They must find a way to balance the demands of their work with their own personal crises. From managing difficult clients to overcoming their own doubts, these characters face it all.

The idyllic setting of the villa serves as a backdrop to the family’s trials and triumphs. Against this charming backdrop, we witness the bonds of love and the strength of family ties. Through their wedding planning adventures, they discover that sometimes the best way to overcome challenges is by leaning on one another.

As we delve into the lives of these characters, we witness the joys and sorrows that come with running a business and maintaining a harmonious family. Their stories intertwine to create a narrative that is both relatable and uplifting.

Join this captivating family as they navigate the complexities of life and find solace in the love and support they offer one another. Through their experiences, we are reminded that, no matter the obstacles we face, our loved ones are always there to help us through.

Actors: Rita Loureiro, Dinarte Branco, Madalena Almeida
Premiered: February 3, 2021

6. Maldivas

Actors: Bruna Marquezine, Manu Gavassi, Sheron Menezzes, Carol Castro, Klebber Toledo

Premiered: June 15, 2022

7. The Chosen One

The Chosen One
Actors: Paloma Bernardi, Renan Tenca, Gutto Szuster

Premiered: June 28, 2019

8. Samantha!

Actors: Emanuelle Araújo, Douglas Silva, Sabrina Nonata, Cauã Gonçalves

Premiered: July 6, 2018

9. The Mechanism

The Mechanism
Actors: Selton Mello, Caroline Abras, Enrique Díaz, Lee Taylor, Antonio Saboia

Premiered: March 23, 2018

10. Back to 15

Back to 15
Anita, a 30-year-old woman, is dissatisfied with her life. By chance, she stumbles upon a method to travel back in time to when she was 15 years old. Will she be able to change her past and create a new future for herself?

Actors: Maisa Silva, Camila Queiroz, Klara Castanho
Premiered: February 25, 2022

11. Kissing Game

Kissing Game
Actors: Denise Fraga, Michel Joelsas, Thomas Aquino, Luana Nastas, Kevin Vechiatto

Premiered: July 17, 2020