DVD Release DateTop 11 Best K-pop Solo Artists in 2023: A Definitive Ranking

Top 11 Best K-pop Solo Artists in 2023: A Definitive Ranking

Top 11 Best K-pop Solo Artists in 2023: A Definitive Ranking

In the captivating world of K-pop, idol groups reign supreme, but don’t overlook the incredible soloists who are making waves on the charts. Get ready to be blown away by the hottest solo artists in K-pop right now!

First up is the mesmerizing singer-songwriter IU. Her talent is undeniable, and fans can’t get enough of her captivating performances. And let’s not forget about the solo careers of Suga from BTS and Hwasa from Mamamoo, who have both soared to great heights on their own.

But hold onto your hats because something truly thrilling is on the horizon! Brace yourselves for the highly anticipated solo debut of Jisoo from Blackpink in 2023. Fans have been eagerly counting down the days for this momentous occasion.

Now it’s your turn to shine! Who do you think deserves the crown as the best K-pop solo artist of 2023? Share your thoughts and let the excitement begin!

1. Jimin

ARMY fans were overjoyed when they got the news that each BTS member would be getting their own solo promotions. In March 2023, Jimin dropped his highly anticipated debut album called FACE.

The album’s title track is “Like Crazy,” which has been receiving a lot of love from fans. However, Jimin also treated us to a surprise as he released a music video for another song from the album called “Set Me Free Pt.2.”

2. Suga

Although Suga has plans to enlist in the military in 2023, word has it that he won’t bid farewell without a proper goodbye. Many fans of BTS, known as ARMY, are speculating that Suga will make a solo comeback in 2023 before his enlistment. This assumption stems from the fact that Jin, J-Hope, and RM released solo projects while BTS was on hiatus.

It’s worth mentioning that Suga will be the first BTS member to embark on a solo tour, which kicked off in April. This tour is set to continue until June, covering various locations in the USA and Asia.

3. J-Hope

J-Hope, a member of BTS, made history as the first member to drop a solo album. His album, Jack in the Box, was released in July 2022. Before this, J-Hope had already gained recognition for his solo endeavors, such as his mixtape “Daydream” and his catchy collaboration with Becky G, “Chicken Noodle Soup.”

Moving on to 2023, J-Hope continued to impress with his music. In March, he released the track “On the Street” featuring rapper J. Cole, showcasing his versatility and ability to collaborate with renowned artists. However, in April of the same year, J-Hope had to put his musical pursuits on hold as he began his mandatory enlistment into the South Korean military.

J-Hope’s solo career has undoubtedly left a mark in the music industry, and his contributions to BTS’s success cannot be overlooked. We can only anticipate what he has in store for us once he completes his military service.

4. V

V was the last member of BTS to make his solo debut, but his album received just as much praise as his bandmates’. Starting off as BTS’ lead vocalist in 2016, V released his first solo album, Layover, on September 8, 2023.

Prior to the album release, MVs for his songs “Love Me Again” and “Rainy Days” were already out. However, “Slow Dancing” is the title track that marks his official solo debut. Excitingly, we can anticipate more fantastic music from V as a solo artist in the future!

5. Jungkook

The youngest member of BTS, Jungkook, recently made a big solo debut in the K-pop scene with his summer hit song called “SEVEN.” This catchy track features the talented American rapper, Latto. It’s been receiving a lot of love from fans and has even achieved numerous wins on various music shows, including a triple crown on M! Countdown.

As of now, there haven’t been any official announcements about Jungkook’s plans for the rest of 2023. However, we can’t help but eagerly anticipate and hope for new music from him in the near future!

6. IU

IU, also known as the “Nation’s Sweetheart” in South Korea, has earned her title as K-pop’s ultimate solo artist. There’s no denying her immense popularity, as she has consistently dominated music charts since her debut in 2008.

While there hasn’t been any official announcement made, IU has dropped hints about being more active in 2023. Could this possibly mean a comeback? Well, we certainly hope so!

7. Jisoo

Finally, the moment we’ve been waiting for has arrived! Jisoo, our beloved girl, has finally released her long-awaited solo project. On March 31, 2023, Jisoo blessed us with her very first single album titled “ME.” The album’s lead track, “FLOWER,” marks Jisoo’s official debut as a solo artist.

This news has got us buzzing with excitement, and we can’t wait to witness what other amazing individual projects Jisoo has in store for us in the coming future. It’s about time she receives the spotlight she truly deserves!

8. Kai

Kai, known as the visual and center of EXO, had a massively successful solo debut in 2020. His EP, titled “Kai,” and its lead single “Mmmh” made a huge splash in the music scene.

Fast forward to January 2023, when Kai embarked on his first solo tour in Japan called Kai Japan Special Live 2023. Fans were thrilled to witness his talent and charisma on stage.

Not long after his tour, Kai made a comeback with his third mini album, “Rover,” featuring the title track of the same name. Once again, he captivated audiences with his catchy tunes and impressive performances.

Unfortunately, on May 11, 2023, Kai had to put his music career on hold temporarily as he began his mandatory military service. Fans eagerly await his return after his service is complete.


Looking for a singer who’s edgy and not afraid to take risks? Look no further than BIBI. She’s anything but your typical K-pop idol, and that’s exactly what makes her so intriguing.

You should definitely give her popular tracks like “BIBI Vengeance” and “Kazino” a listen.

10. Jihyo

Twice is a major girl group in the world of modern K-pop, with Jihyo leading the group and taking on the role of main vocalist. Her journey to becoming a K-pop idol began when she was quite young, and it took a whole decade before she got the opportunity to participate in the JYP Entertainment survival show Sixteen. Jihyo impressed everyone by finishing in sixth place, which secured her spot as a member of Twice.

After eight long years, Jihyo finally made her solo debut on August 18, 2023. Her first mini album, titled ZONE, features the official title track “Killin’ Me Good.”

11. Hwasa

Mamamoo’s youngest member, known as the maknae, ventured into the world of solo music in 2019 with her debut single “Twit.” This release garnered a lot of attention and proved to be quite popular. Building on that success, she further established herself as a solo artist with the release of her first mini album María in 2020. The album’s title track “Maria” gained even more traction and became a trending hit on TikTok.

After much anticipation, Hwasa finally made her highly-anticipated comeback in September 2023 with a digital single titled “I Love My Body.” Fans had been eagerly awaiting new music from her, and she did not disappoint with this release.