DVD Release Date6 Reasons You’re Not Gaining Instagram Followers 

6 Reasons You’re Not Gaining Instagram Followers 

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Did you know that Instagram has more than one billion active users as of January 2020? The keyword in that statistic isn’t even 1 billion. It’s “active.”

In short, if you’re a business or an organization that needs to establish its online presence, then gaining a good amount of Instagram followers is a must. However, unlike Facebook and Twitter, Instagram users won’t follow your account randomly. You have to earn their “follow.” At the same time, once they’ve followed your account, they’re more likely to stick with you for the long haul.

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Basically, it’s worth putting the time and effort into the platform. But, we know that things can get frustratingly slow. If you’re wondering why you’re not gaining new followers, then you’ve come to the right place. Keep on reading for our full breakdown of the six key reasons your followers’ count isn’t growing.

  1. The Anathema to Instagram Followers: No Engagement

You’re probably more concerned with content strategy than with interaction. You devote effort to writing and preparing your articles, but you don’t devote any time to engaging with your audience.

It’s critical to respond to comments because if you don’t, your followers will feel unappreciated and will stop following you. This would hurt your involvement. Once you’ve published the material, your work isn’t done. You should not only like but also comment on the posts of the profiles you follow.

Every day, set aside 10 to 15 minutes for interaction. Like, comment, and find new accounts by utilizing hashtags, locations, and interests and responding to all comments.

  1. Flowing With the Wind: No Strategy for Stories

Instagram stories were first introduced in August 2016 and now have over 400 million daily users! And it’s just getting bigger.

You’re losing out on a lot of interaction and visibility if you’re not publishing articles or if your posting schedule is inconsistent.

The simplest and most successful method to make your presence known is via stories. Another option is getting a solid base of famous Instagram followers to grow as your business flourishes.

  1. Neglecting CTAs in Bio and Caption

How would your followers ever realize there’s a company behind your Instagram account if you never tell them?

You have a few seconds to capture Instagram users’ attention (even if your material is really captivating), and they will view your content amid hundreds of other pictures in less than a minute.

A CTA (call to action) instructs your audience on what they should do next. Signing up for a newsletter, visiting your website, or purchasing your product/service should be the “next step” for companies.

CTAs that ask followers to tag friends, comment, answer a question, and even just like your post are effective. But, they aren’t always related to your company’s objectives.

The greatest mistake we tend to see is not including a CTA in the bio.

Your Instagram bio has a maximum limit of 150 characters (the text that appears under your profile picture when someone looks at your account). You must inform IG users what you do, what subjects you concentrate on, and why they should click on that link in 150 characters or fewer.

If you don’t offer your followers a cause to open that link, there’s a small to none chance they’ll do it independently.

  1. Inconsistency in Posting

It demonstrates that you are dedicated to the platform and to delivering value to your audience. It is critical to post frequently to reach a larger audience, develop trust, and establish brand authority. If you don’t publish regularly, your followers will not become brand evangelists, will not support you enough, and may even lose them.

You may always devote time to developing a content strategy, writing, planning, scheduling your articles, and ensuring that you do not miss any publishing opportunities.

  1. Having Stale Content

Continuing to publish the same old things with no genuine message or viewpoint is probably the most frequent cause for accounts being “stuck” and failing to develop.

By the way, if you’re just getting started, this isn’t likely to be a problem since you probably don’t have enough material to be stable yet! However, it’s preferable to be informed that this may happen in the future.

Stale material may be aesthetically flat, devoid of meaning or value, or offer value that isn’t directly related to the audience’s interests!

They won’t interact, and your post won’t reach new people if your content doesn’t reverberate or connect with your existing followers if it doesn’t make them stop scrolling.

Are you unsure whether your material is outdated? See how many organic likes, comments, and shares you’re receiving in comparison to prior articles. Consider the number of DMs you were receiving today vs. a few weeks ago. Is there anything else? Less? Is it the same?

  1. No End Goal in Sight

If you’re on Instagram for the sake of it and don’t have a clear objective in mind, you won’t know what to post. You may wind yourself publishing a variety of various types of content, leaving first-time visitors perplexed.

People like consistency and tend to follow the stories of a certain specialty. Gaining followers may be tough if you don’t fit into any of the specified categories.

Begin by defining your objective and developing a plan around it. Your objectives may include teaching, motivating, and sharing your followers’ tales (also known as User Generated Content), among other things. Concentrate on one or two long-term objectives and work toward them.

Ready to Give Your Instagram Account a Shakeup?

Managing social media is no job for the faint of heart. However, it doesn’t need to be as complex as rocket science.

It can be stressful to look at your Instagram followers count and find it unchanging for big chunks of time. So, we hope that our top six tips on why that might be the case have helped ease your burden a bit.

And, if you’re hungry for more social media strategies, we’ve got you covered. Check out our business and marketing sections for all the tips and tricks you could possibly need.