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7 Email Marketing Mistake To Avoid

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Everyone makes mistakes. When it comes to email marketing, these mistakes can have serious results — like decreasing brand awareness or losing revenue for your company. It’s important to fix email marketing mistakes. And luckily, this isn’t hard to do. Today we’re talking about seven common email marketing mistakes. Read on to see if you’ve made any of these mistakes before — and to learn how to remedy them! People in marketing often search for information related to this topic, don’t miss out on your chance to get more views. Buy youtube views now and see the results instantly. 


Every email campaign you send should have a goal behind it. And every email in that campaign should have a goal, too. For example, your overall email campaign might have a goal of getting customers to purchase a new product you’ve released. The first email in that campaign might have a goal of introducing that product and offering customers the opportunity to learn more.

Fix this mistake: Set a goal! The aim of this Sun Basket email is very clear — the company wants to get readers to place an order.

Subject line: A celebration in a box


Sending every person on your email list the exact same email can be an email marketing campaign mistake. Every person on your list is at a different stage in the customer journey. What’s more, they probably live in different locations, with different backgrounds and interests. That means your marketing emails shouldn’t be one size fits all.

Fix this mistake: Segment your customers! This Bose email is advertising a specific pair of earbuds. Bose only needs to send this email to people who haven’t already bought that pair of earbuds. Customers who have already purchased this product should receive a different message promoting something else.

Subject line: New Bose sport earbuds | Pre-order yours today


The GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, carries a lot of significance for marketers. Under the GDPR, you can only send promotional emails to people who have opted in to receive them. If you breach or violate these terms, you might have to pay a fine. Don’t make this common email marketing mistake.

Fix this mistake: Get informed consent from your customers! Your subscribers should understand what they’re signing up to receive from you. Each of your marketing emails should also include a visible unsubscribe link in the footer.


Your subject line is important. A full 33% of people open emails because of good subject lines. That’s why overlooking this component of your message is a major email marketing mistake! Best practices for writing email subject lines that convert: Use the recipient’s first name. Try adding numbers or emojis. And keep it short (41 characters is a good rule of thumb).

Fix this mistake: Make sure your subject line matches the rest of the email! This Paper Source subject line accurately conveys what’s inside the message. And better yet, it tells you how you can use the product.

Subject line: New season, new planner, new plans 


More than 70% of people read their emails on a mobile app. If you aren’t optimizing your messages for mobile viewing, you’re making a major email marketing mistake. It’s essential to create responsive emails that look great no matter what device the reader is using.

Fix this mistake: Preview your emails on both desktop and mobile! The BEE email editor offers hundreds of responsive templates to choose from, and it makes it easy for you to see how a certain email will look on either kind of device.

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Did you know that for 90% of people, colors are the number one influencing factor in a purchase? Color can also help increase brand recognition, and they hold somebody’s attention for longer. So if you don’t already carefully consider the colors in your emails, this is an email marketing mistake you’ll want to fix! The “right” colors will look different for each brand and each email. Pick colors that go along with your branding and help cultivate the emotions you’re trying to elicit from readers.

Fix this mistake: Carefully pick out your colors! In this Beauty Bakerie email, the colors are both on-brand and in season. The message would look odd with any other colors. In this context, this color scheme evokes just the right feeling.

Subject line: Eyescream 🍨 in Fall?! YASSSSS


One final email marketing mistake: overlooking the CTA. In many ways, your call to action is the most important part of your email. It’s the part of the message that gets readers to do something — like making a purchase. So it deserves a little more love! Here are a few aspects of your CTA you’ll want to consider:

  • Placement
  • Shape
  • Text
  • Color
  • Font

Fix this mistake: Put some thought into your CTA! Boll & Branch includes several CTA buttons in this email. Each one is an attractive color with a simple-to-read font. The company also uses descriptive language to help you know what exactly will happen if you click on that CTA.


Have you made any of these common email marketing mistakes? Don’t worry — we have, too. Make things easier on yourself by using an email template instead of starting from scratch! With our catalog, you can choose from over 400 professionally-designed HTML templates that do the work for you. Just customize the templates with your details and design elements and then hit send. We can’t wait to see what you’ll create!