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8 Favorite Movie Picks on Max Right Now

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Yes, we know, the streaming services have pretty much taken over the idea of how we watch our favorite content, after all, each time we have some moments to spare, we can all watch something. 

Be it for enjoyment and the desire to unwind after a long day or temporarily divert your attention from something stressful happening around you, streaming platforms have become our go-to stop for unwinding.

Max, or what you may call HBO Max, is among the leading names of streaming services, and rightfully so. It earns its spot with the extensive catalog of HBO original content (including the cult-fav Game of Thrones & F.R.I.E.N.D.S). 

However, among that plethora of options, it gets tricky to pick the best content to watch out for. Some might not have garnered the same amount of attention, or for some, you just have forgotten to add to your ‘watch later’ list. So, today we will unravel some of the best movies you have to watch on Max if you have not already since they have been available for a long time now.  

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Here are our 8 favorite picks on Max right now that you may have skipped!

  • In The Heights

Prepare yourself for a fantastic stress reliever. An easy watch – if you will. 

This musical has a lot of twists and turns; the adaptations are from Lin Manuel Miranda’s Broadway smash hit, which will have you singing along right up until the credits. 

  • Colossal

Starring the ever-loved Anne Hathaway, the movie revolves around an alcoholic, who has control over a kaiju monster in Seoul city. She also is trying to mend her relationship with her childhood best friend who seems like a perfect guy but is a pure definition of toxicity. 

The movie is fun-filled, as it is an engaging story that also talks about the struggles of an alcoholic and toxic masculinity. 

  • No Sudden Move

The film is set in 1954 in Detroit, where petty thieves are hired to steal a document. When their theft goes wrong, they wind through the city, swiftly shifting strata in search of who hired them and for what.

  • Birds of Prey

We all loved the oh-so-witty character from the movie Joker, Harley Quinn, but she found it difficult to keep up after Joker kicked her off the team. Nevertheless, she managed to get back up and do what she had always desired. 

Along with Renee Montoya, Black Canary, (a stellar cast for sure), Harley will take down a gangster and save a girl from them. 

  • The Secret World of Arrietty

The plot revolves around the ‘Clock’ family that moves into the home of another family and grabs their possessions. This particular family is unique and tiny and human-like. When humans discover about their daughter, Arrietty, all is good until they are forced to flee for their lives.

  • Dune

Dune gave us a powerful duo that we never knew we needed. (Spoiler though, Zendaya was there only for a couple of minutes, but we cannot skip on that detail at all). Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet portray endearing characters, and this has many more roller-coaster emotions at play that cannot be missed. 

  • Malignant

Why don’t we add a horror movie into the mix as well? 

The movie revolves around a girl who starts having visions about people getting murdered around her. Yes, it is spooky and equally disturbing. She cannot seem to block out the terror she is going through with the past secrets that are unraveling. 

This is a horror murder mystery that keeps you on the edge the entire time. 

  • Inside Man

Boy, oh boy! We have seen several movies that follow the aftermath of robberies, but this one stood out for us. 

While listening to the victims and hostages giving interviews regarding what went down, the movie also unfolds as to what was happening during the heist. You stay on your toes throughout. Do you think you got a hang of what happened? Just wait for the twists that keep adding yet are worth every minute. 

Wrapping Up

And that is a wrap for our absolute favorite picks available on Max right now. They aren’t the latest releases, hence why we believe you might have missed these!

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on to Max now and watch these not-to-be-missed titles now! Which of these turned out to be your favorite? Do share it with us in the comments below!