DVD Release DateAdam Driver declined Marvel's Fantastic Four Role offer

Adam Driver declined Marvel’s Fantastic Four Role offer

  • Adam Driver allegedly declined a role in Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie.
  • The news comes from a source on Twitter, which is not an official or verified source.
  • Marvel has not commented on the matter or confirmed the rumor.

According to recent reports, it appears that actor Adam Driver has decided not to accept a role in the forthcoming Marvel film, Fantastic Four. The information has come to light from an unofficial source on Twitter and has not been verified or confirmed by Marvel itself.

The tweet from the source claims that Driver was offered a prominent role in the upcoming superhero movie, potentially a lead character, but opted to pass on the opportunity. While the tweet has garnered attention, it is essential to remember that this is not an official source, and Marvel has not released any statement related to this rumor.

With the absence of conclusive evidence and acknowledgment, it remains uncertain whether Driver did indeed turn down a role in Fantastic Four or if the rumor is simply speculation. Fans of the actor and the franchise will have to wait for official news from Marvel before jumping to conclusions.