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Adam Driver Responds to Repeated Queries About Portraying Italians: “Who Gives a S—t?”

  • Adam Driver has often been compared to Hollywood great Henry Fonda for his versatile acting abilities.
  • In recent roles, Driver has portrayed two well-known Italian figures – Maurizio Gucci and Enzo Ferrari.
  • For Driver, the goal is to work with the best filmmakers in Hollywood, not to focus on monetary gain.

Adam Driver has been hailed as the Henry Fonda of his generation due to his incredible versatility as an actor. Much like Fonda, Driver can take on any role with ease, as seen in his portrayals of Maurizio Gucci and more recently, Enzo Ferrari. When asked about playing two Italians back-to-back on the Smartless podcast, Driver responded, “Who gives a s—t that it was two Italians back-to-back?”

This comment made podcast hosts Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and Sean Hayes chuckle, and Driver went on to clarify that his primary goal as an actor is to work with the best filmmakers in Hollywood. In the case of House of Gucci, Driver had the opportunity to collaborate with Ridley Scott, and for Ferrari, he worked with Michael Mann. He commented, “But I’m like, well it’s Ridley, and it’s Michael. And they’re in my mind some of the best filmmakers.”

Though Driver is aware of the need for films to make money, he doesn’t focus on strategically choosing roles based on potential earnings. Instead, he seeks out the best opportunities to work with talented directors: “In my mind, it’s a filmmaker’s medium. So, I’m strategic in that, ‘Well, isn’t the goal then to work with great filmmakers?’ […] I made myself available to try to work with them if it came up.”

Driver’s talent has enabled him to work with a variety of well-known directors, from Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach in Frances Ha to playing a detective in BlacKkKlansman. Though he is most famous for his role as Kylo Ren in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, his acting prowess allows him the freedom to pursue projects aligned with his creative interests, rather than just focusing on financial success. With a net worth of $16 million (according to Celebrity Net Worth), it’s clear that Adam Driver is prioritizing his passion for quality filmmaking.

For a glimpse into more of Driver’s thoughts on acting and his recent roles, check out his appearance on the Smartless podcast (linked above).