DVD Release DateAlex Winter announces the writing of Bill & Ted 4

Alex Winter announces the writing of Bill & Ted 4

  • Script for Bill and Ted 4 is being written with the intention to shop the project around
  • First Bill and Ted film was released in 1989 and introduced the time-traveling, dim-witted rock ‘n’ roll fans
  • Bill and Ted 4 will only go ahead if everyone involved, including Keanu Reeves, is happy with the idea

According to Alex Winter, a script for a potential Bill and Ted 4 is currently being written, with plans to shop the project around. In a recent interview with The Sarah O’Connell Show, Winter stated that they are “tinkering” with ideas for a fourth installment in the franchise, and that the film will only move forward if everyone, including co-star Keanu Reeves, is happy with the result. Winter said, “We’re tinkering with a fourth movie idea that all of us like, and the guys are going to write, so we’ll see. It takes us time to get these things going, and we never want to do them unless they’re great.”

The first film in the series, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, debuted in 1989 and introduced audiences to Bill S. Preston, Esq. (played by Winter) and Ted “Theodore” Logan (played by Reeves). The two slackers and rock ‘n’ roll fans travel through time to gather historical figures for their high school history presentation, ultimately becoming the heroes they are destined to be.

The 1991 sequel, Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, took the characters in an even stranger direction, with Bill and Ted robots being sent to the past to kill the duo and erase the utopian future their music had created. They then go on a bizarre adventure through hell, heaven, and space, culminating in a ‘battle of the bands’ competition for the fate of the world.

After years of anticipation, Bill & Ted Face the Music, the third film in the series, was released in 2020. The movie follows middle-aged Bill and Ted, who are tasked with creating a song to unite humanity before space-time is destroyed. The film was well received by critics, and thus, the news of a possible fourth installment has been met with excitement.

However, as Winter explains, Bill and Ted 4 will only happen if everyone involved is on board with the idea. He said, “They feel the same way, it has to be right. We love [the Bill & Ted movies] because they’re oddball, and they’re not typical mainstream films. They’ve never been cash-grab movies; nobody has gotten rich off the Bill and Ted series. We really do make them sincerely from a place of love and interest. There’s a really good idea that the writers came up with for a fourth that’s kind of obvious… It will get written, and we’ll see if we can actually get it made.”

Alex Winter can currently be seen in the horror film Destroy All Neighbors, now streaming on Shudder.