DVD Release DateAlien Arrives in Dead by Daylight Game

Alien Arrives in Dead by Daylight Game

  • Alien franchise to feature in Dead by Daylight game
  • Iconic Xenomorph and Ripley characters will be available
  • Game update is set to be released on March 2

The popular survival-horror video game Dead by Daylight is gearing up to welcome the iconic characters and creatures from the Alien film series. In a surprising announcement, it has been confirmed that the terrifying Xenomorph and the resourceful Ellen Ripley characters will soon be introduced as playable options in the game.

According to information provided, Dead by Daylight will release an update on March 2 that will include these new characters in its roster. The inclusion of the Alien franchise will no doubt bring more excitement and terrifying gameplay to the already thrilling game, adding a unique element to the mix.