DVD Release DateAnthony Daniels, C-3PO actor, auctions Star Wars memorabilia featuring Millennium Falcon parts

Anthony Daniels, C-3PO actor, auctions Star Wars memorabilia featuring Millennium Falcon parts

  • Anthony Daniels, the actor who played C-3PO in Star Wars, is auctioning off his memorabilia collection, including the golden helmet.
  • The collection contains nearly 200 items such as scripts and pieces of the Millennium Falcon.
  • Daniels wants to share these treasures with fans who will cherish them, but will keep a few personal keepsakes to symbolize his lifelong connection to the franchise.

Anthony Daniels, known for his role as C-3PO in Star Wars, is auctioning off his extensive collection of memorabilia from the iconic film franchise. This event offers fans the rare chance to own a piece of cinematic history as reported by the BBC.

The centerpiece of Daniels’ collection is C-3PO’s gleaming golden helmet, a symbol as closely associated with the character as the actor’s own performance. Expected to fetch an astonishing £1 million (around $1.23 million) at auction, the helmet demonstrates its cultural significance. Daniels shared,

“I realized I had these items and they’re not unloved but they are unlooked at – we don’t have them crowding the sitting room. Will I feel sad to part with them? No. I will enjoy the fact people will cherish and display them.”

Besides the iconic helmet, Daniels’ collection features nearly 200 items including scripts filled with his personal annotations, providing insight into the production process. There are also pieces of the Millennium Falcon from Return of the Jedi, making the collection even more remarkable.

The auction, organized by Propstore, will take place at BAFTA’s Piccadilly base in London with the main event happening on Saturday. It is set to be a celebration of Star Wars’ storied history and the enduring appeal of its core characters.

At 77, Daniels wants to share these items with fans who will value and display them. His decision to part with these artifacts doesn’t mean he’s disconnecting entirely from his role as C-3PO. He is keeping a few personal mementos such as a LEGO brick statue and an Oscar-like C-3PO statuette to accompany him for the rest of his life.

The excitement surrounding the auction of the Millennium Falcon pieces and the annotated scripts is immense. This event celebrates the lasting impact of the Star Wars franchise, its characters, and the narratives that have influenced generations of fans across the globe.

As Daniels lets go of these physical tokens, the legacy of C-3PO and the Star Wars universe continues to thrive and capture the imagination of people worldwide.