DVD Release DateAustralian LGBTQ Movies of the Last Decade

Australian LGBTQ Movies of the Last Decade

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Media representation is a great way of make acceptance easier. After all, we all run after what the media finds trendy and labels as desirable. It is well-known the gay acceptance movement has taken ages to become a success and has brought a positive change in people’s minds in favour of gays and lesbians. 

Without the visual representation of the minorities that the movies showcase, the message towards LGBTQ acceptance would also have taken far too long to deliver. Now movies aren’t just a method of spending free time with family, but it has also become a great way of spreading a meaningful message. 

Several Australian LGBTQ movies in the last decade both became famous enough to give the general public a bit of thought about gay dating issues and provided the queer community with great representation making these films much more enjoyable and relatable. These movies have helped tremendously in swaying people’s minds about accepting the Australian LGBTQ community and inspired some to get out of the closet and start dating freely, online and offline. And, of course, watching those with your gay dating partner is a fantastic idea for a rendezvous. If you are still in the closet, don’t have a partner, or simply find in-person interaction awkward, you can read the professional and user reviews about several gay dating sites that can provide you just the right environment to begin your quest for love and decide which is the best. Tell how much of a movie lover you are in your bio, and you’ll see intelligent and cute singles flocking into your DMs to invite you to watch some of these films with them!

The situation with Same-Sex Relationships in Australia

The LGBTQ community in Australia received the best of news on December 9, 2017, as Australia legalized same-sex marriage. The federal government has recognized same-sex couples as de facto relationships since 2009. Although this has been a significant leap towards acceptance, same-sex couples still face discrimination. 

As of 2013, the number of gay men and lesbians who have children in same-sex partnerships is roughly 11% and 33%. Although still in small steps, the government of Australia is taking the initiative. When it comes to Widow Allowance, lesbian relationships are now recognized as qualifying relationships.

If you’re based in Australia and worry about the scrutiny you’d face pursuing an open and public same-sex relationship, online gay dating sites are a great way to find like-minded people. On online gay dating platforms, you can meet several people at once from the comfort of your home. This not only saves you time but also lets you keep your identity a secret until you’re ready to come out of the closet. And when you are ready to meet in person, invite your new partner to see a movie that you both can relate to:

List of Movies

  • Holding the Man (2014)

Holding the man tells the narrative of Timothy Conigrave’s 15-year love affair with John Caleo, whom he met in high school. The movie is based on a book written by Timothy Conigrave that was published in 1995, just a few months after his death.

A romantic tale, Holding the Man is about losing one’s companion – and ultimately, oneself – to HIV/AIDS. The movie circulates the story of two teenage boys in Australia during the 1970s that struggled against all odds and refused to give up on their love. The book and the movie have gone on to become a classic amongst Australians.

Same-sex relationships have never been easy and especially tougher to carry out in the 1970s. Had there been the likes of online dating back then, relationships for gay men would have been an easy feat.

  • Downriver (2015)

Downriver is about a young man named James who served a sentence for drowning a young boy when they were both children. Once James is released from prison, he is visited by his victim’s mother, which sets him on a mission to find the truth behind the missing body. 

James risks his freedom and his life to find the path of misdeeds that can provide closure to the bereaved mother, despite having little time. During his quest, he is seduced by his partner in crime or witness, Anthony.

This masterpiece is directed and written by Grant Scicluna and has gone to win 6 awards Australian Film Critics Association Awards for best screenplay. With so many awards and nominations under its belt, this movie would surely make a great way to spend time with your partner. 

  • Gayby Baby (2015)

Being part of the LGBTQ community doesn’t just mean identifying yourself as a person from the community. It also includes being children to parents that come from that community.  Most people fail to realize the struggle of the kids that come from same-sex parents face, and Gayby Baby is a movie that covers just that. 

It follows the lives of four children — Gus, Ebony, Matt, and Graham — whose parents are either gay or lesbian. Additionally, the movie explores how they cope with personal transformation, how society as a whole manages with the topic of marriage equality, and whether or not children from same-sex households are in danger.

This movie is an excellent way for homosexual partners to understand how their relationship affects their lives and the lives of those around them, especially their children. The film has gone on to win AACTA Award for Best Documentary.

  • Remembering the Man (2016)

The plot unfolds at a prestigious Catholic boy’s school in Melbourne in the 1970s, where Tim Conigrave and John Caleo fell in love.  It covers the story of their love life despite censure, temptation, separation, and the shadow of death. Their passionate theatrical courtship persisted for sixteen years and is covered in a long-lost audio recording of Timothy Conigrave. 

The documentary was directed by Nickolas Bird and Eleanor Sharpe and went on to win 7 awards in its time. Critics like to call the documentary a story of how Romeo met Romeo and what happened after.

All of these movies are dedicated to highlighting the best, the worst, the most truthful things about the LGBT community. If you opt to watch them with your partner, no matter if they are with you for a while or you just met on a gay online dating site, the discussion about them will deepen your understanding of each other, so pick a flick and go for it!