DVD Release DateBlade Star Mahershala Ali 'Really Encouraged' by MCU Reboot Direction

Blade Star Mahershala Ali ‘Really Encouraged’ by MCU Reboot Direction

  • Mahershala Ali is optimistic about the upcoming Blade reboot and its new direction.
  • Filming on the reboot was halted due to creative differences but has since resumed with Logan writer Michael Green on board.
  • The Blade reboot will be R-rated, allowing for a more ruthless and ferocious portrayal of the character.

Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali has shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming Blade reboot, stating that he is encouraged by the project’s new direction. The MCU Blade movie has experienced numerous setbacks, including changes in directors and writers, as well as reports that Ali was unhappy with Marvel’s plans. However, since the hiring of Logan writer Michael Green, Ali appears to be pleased with the reboot’s progress.

Ali commented, “We’re working on it. That’s the best I could tell you. I’m really encouraged with the direction of the project. I think we’ll be back at it relatively soon.”

Previously, the film was shut down just six weeks before production as a result of “creative differences.” Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige reportedly halted the movie near production due to dissatisfaction with what he had seen. Oscar-nominated writer Michael Green was then hired, and the release date was moved to November 2025.

Lovecraft Country director Yann Demange has signed on to direct Blade, and Ali told EW that he is excited about the writing and direction behind the Marvel project.

Ali said, “I’m sincerely encouraged in terms of where things are at and who’s on board and who’s leading the way as far as the writing of the script and the directing and all that. So that’s the extent of what I can tell you.”

While details about the Blade reboot are still scarce, it is expected to feature the mysterious Ebony Blade, which was introduced in 2021’s Eternals. Rumors suggest that the film will introduce the vampire hunter’s daughter, Fallon Grey, who possesses the same powers and assists her father in killing monsters.

It has been confirmed that Blade will be R-rated, as director Yann Demange revealed, “They gave me the R, which is so important.” This will allow the film to depict the titular character’s ruthlessness and ferocity more accurately.

Demange also expressed excitement for audiences to see Ali’s portrayal of the iconic Marvel character, describing him as both ruthless and dignified.

He said, “For Blade, we are going to have fun because Mahershala is such a deep actor. I’m excited to show a kind of ruthlessness, a roughness he has, that allows him to walk the earth in a particular way. I love him for that. He’s got a dignity and integrity, but there is a ferocity there that he usually keeps under the surface. I want to unleash that and put it on the screen.”

Blade is set to be released on November 7, 2025, as part of Phase Six of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other Phase Six projects include the Fantastic Four reboot, the team-up movie Thunderbolts directed by Jake Schreier, and two Avengers sequels, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars, scheduled for release in 2026 and 2027, respectively.