DVD Release DateBlue Beetle Director reveals numerous Easter Eggs in the upcoming superhero film

Blue Beetle Director reveals numerous Easter Eggs in the upcoming superhero film

  • Blue Beetle director Angel Manuel Soto teases numerous Easter eggs
  • Film aims to pay homage to original comic book roots
  • Blue Beetle is DC’s first Latinx superhero film

Director Angel Manuel Soto is excited to bring the world of Blue Beetle to life, hinting that fans can expect an action-packed film full of Easter eggs. In a recent interview, Soto shared his enthusiasm for the upcoming movie while discussing the comic book backstory.

Soto, who will be directing the film adaptation of the popular DC Comics superhero, revealed that he’ll be paying homage to the character’s original comic book roots and including numerous Easter eggs throughout the movie. He said, “I read a shitload of comics. I have a whole box of Blue Beetle [comics] that Warner Bros. and DC sent me. I think we have a little basket full of Easter eggs that we’re planning on using. I don’t want to spoil them, but we’re really excited for fans to discover them.”

The director also talked about the responsibility he feels in making the first Latinx-focused superhero film from DC, as well as the importance of creating a movie that showcases Latinx culture positively. He stated, “Making sure that you have the authenticity in place, to make this not only feel like a Latinx movie but a movie that’s universal, has been the ultimate vision.”

Blue Beetle will follow the story of Mexican-American teenager Jaime Reyes, who becomes the titular hero after discovering a mysterious, ancient scarab that grants him immense power. While no release date has been announced, the film is actively in development, with Soto’s passion for the project likely to delight fans and contribute to a successful adaptation.