DVD Release DateBoy from Kills World trains for revenge, featuring Bill Skarsgård in a...

Boy from Kills World trains for revenge, featuring Bill Skarsgård in a new image

  • Bill Skarsgård plays a deaf and mute character called the Boy in “Boy Kills World. “
  • Director Moritz Mohr shares his excitement about working with legendary producer Sam Raimi.
  • Early reviews for “Boy Kills World” praise the film for its thrilling action sequences.

Bill Skarsgård delivers an impressive performance as a deaf and mute character called the Boy in the upcoming film “Boy Kills World” by director Moritz Mohr. Skarsgård’s character is left without hearing and the ability to speak after his family is brutally murdered. The Boy is trained by his martial arts mentor, played by Yayan Ruhian, as seen in a recent image from Empire magazine.

“Boy Kills World” premiered on September 9 this year as part of the Midnight Madness series at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). In an interview with Empire magazine, director Moritz Mohr expressed his elation about renowned producer Sam Raimi joining the project after seeing a concept trailer. Mohr said, “Meeting him and getting to work with him was just the absolute dream come true. It was ridiculous, man.”

Alongside Bill Skarsgård, the film features talents such as Michelle Dockery playing a sinister character named Melanie Van Der Koy and Famke Janssen as Hilda Van Der Koy, who seems to be the one who renders the Boy deaf and mute. Although “Boy Kills World” is set for release in 2024, a few critics have already shared their thoughts on the TIFF selection, with a current 75% rating on the Tomatometer. Positive reviews highlight the film’s unique blend of action, oddball humor, and engaging performances, drawing comparisons to “The Raid” for its fight sequences.

The movie also stars Brett Gelman and Sharlto Copley as members of the villainous Van Der Koy clan and Jessica Rothe as the character June 27. Fans can look forward to seeing “Boy Kills World” in theaters in 2024.