DVD Release DateBritish Producer John Gore oversees the legacy of Hammer Films

British Producer John Gore oversees the legacy of Hammer Films

  • Hammer Films Legacy handed over to British Producer John Gore
  • Gore’s experience in stage adaptations of classic horror
  • Goal to revive iconic brand through various entertainment formats

The Hammer Films Legacy, known for its classic horror productions, has been entrusted to the supervision of notable British producer John Gore. Gore, equipped with considerable experience in theatre adaptations of classic horror, aims to resurrect the iconic brand by exploring a variety of entertainment formats.

Stepping up as a Group Chief Executive of the Hammer Films group, Gore’s vision is to propel the legendary film company back into the forefront. He aims to do so by collaborating with a wide range of talented artists and entrepreneurs, keeping the essence of the company in place while offering a fresh take on its catalogue of films and television.

As an avid fans of Hammer Films, Gore believes in the potential for success in the current entertainment market. By focusing on various formats, he intends to bring the brand back to life and introduce it to a new generation of fans. Overall, John Gore’s mission is to revitalize the horror film company and commemorate the original spirit of Hammer Films.