DVD Release DateCameron Diaz addresses rumors of Jamie Foxx's alleged "meltdown" on the Back...

Cameron Diaz addresses rumors of Jamie Foxx’s alleged “meltdown” on the Back in Action set

  • Cameron Diaz defends Jamie Foxx against rumors of on-set meltdowns and praises his talent and professionalism.
  • Production of Back in Action was halted due to Foxx’s hospitalization, not his behavior.
  • The movie is expected to be released in 2024 and stars Glen Close and Andrew Scott alongside Diaz and Foxx.

Cameron Diaz has come to Jamie Foxx’s defense following rumors about his “on-set meltdowns” during the filming of their Netflix movie, Back in Action. Reports suggested that Diaz had been affected by Foxx’s alleged behavior, leading her to bow out of acting again. However, in a recent appearance on the Lipstick on the Rim podcast, Diaz dismissed these claims and expressed her admiration for Foxx, saying, “Jamie is the best. I love that guy so much. He’s such a special person, and he’s so talented, so much fun. We have so much fun on the set with him, and he’s just a professional on every level.”

Production on the movie was halted due to Foxx’s hospitalization in April, not his behavior. Foxx has remained silent about both his health and the on-set rumors, a decision Diaz supports. She said, “He’s like, ‘Nope. Just let them [talk].’ We know the truth.”

Back in Action marks Diaz’s return to acting after retirement to focus on motherhood, and the film boasts a notable cast including Glen Close, Andrew Scott, McKenna Roberts, Kyle Chandler, and Jamie Demetriou. Production began in December 2022 and concluded in late April 2023. Details about the film’s plot remain scant, with only a short logline stating: “Woman who has been retired for 6 years comes back smarter and stronger than ever.” Reports suggest a 2024 release, but Netflix has not confirmed a specific date. Foxx has also faced historical claims of sexual harassment dating back to 2015, which he has refuted, and there is no indication that these claims have impacted the release of Back in Action.