DVD Release DateChris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa playfully exchange muscle banter as Aquaman and...

Chris Hemsworth and Jason Momoa playfully exchange muscle banter as Aquaman and Thor on TikTok.

  • Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth humorously discuss their different workout routines for their superhero roles.
  • Momoa’s time as Aquaman may be ending, but he could continue with DC in another role.
  • Hemsworth is likely to appear in more Marvel films before possibly leaving the role of Thor.

Jason Momoa and Chris Hemsworth, both known for portraying powerful superheroes in the DCEU and MCU, have recently been poking fun at each other’s workout routines. Hemsworth follows an intense workout regimen for his role as Thor, while Momoa benefits from wearing a padded suit as Aquaman.

As Momoa returns to theaters soon in what could be his last appearance as Aquaman in “Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,” he made a TikTok video teasing Chris Hemsworth about his lack of an intense workout routine. Momoa exclaimed, “What’s up, Hemsworth? Check that s**t out! You had to work out, I didn’t”>

Hemsworth playfully responded with a video of himself wearing a tight short-sleeved top, showcasing his “skin suit” and expressed his admiration for Aquaman, saying, “That’s a lovely padded costume you got there, Jason. I prefer a skin suit myself mate. I love you, Aquaman.”

Although Momoa’s time as Aquaman may be ending, Hemsworth is expected to return in future Marvel films such as “Thor 5,” “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty,” and “Avengers: Secret Wars.” However, it’s speculated that Hemsworth may also be nearing the end of his time as Thor.

As for Momoa, rumors suggest that he might continue his involvement in the DC Universe in another role, possibly portraying the character Lobo in a future reboot of the franchise.

Despite the disappointing reception of “Thor: Love & Thunder,” fans are hopeful that the upcoming films will bring a satisfactory conclusion to the journeys of both superheroes as portrayed by Momoa and Hemsworth.