DVD Release DateChucky Creator Hints at Potential Crossover Battle with M3GAN

Chucky Creator Hints at Potential Crossover Battle with M3GAN

  • Chucky creator Don Mancini suggests a potential crossover between Chucky and M3GAN, as both franchises are owned by Universal Pictures.
  • M3GAN, a successful horror film released last year, has earned comparisons to Child’s Play with some viewing the character as a rival to Chucky.
  • Both Chucky and M3GAN are available for streaming on Peacock.

Chucky, the iconic killer doll from the Child’s Play franchise, may have to compete with newer horror film icons such as M3GAN and Annabelle. Don Mancini, the mastermind behind Child’s Play, sees the possibility of a crossover with M3GAN since both franchises are held by Universal Pictures.

In the recent past, films like Alien vs. Predator and Freddy vs. Jason have fueled excitement through showdowns between famous movie antagonists. With cinematic universes becoming popular, horror icons crossing paths is no longer a far-fetched idea. Mancini told Variety that Chucky is up against new contenders for his killer doll throne, like M3GAN and Annabelle. He added that competing with these emerging dolls only heightens Chucky’s anger and potential for violence.

Last year’s M3GAN became a hit, with many comparing it to Child’s Play. As both M3GAN and the Chucky franchise belong to Universal Pictures, the idea of a crossover film is plausible. Furthermore, the recent Chucky series showcases a twist in the iconic character’s story, making the aging Chucky’s encounter with the technologically advanced M3GAN an interesting showdown in the making.

When asked about the likelihood of this crossover, Mancini hinted, “I would say, stay tuned.”

M3GAN’s story revolves around a robotics genius named Gemma who creates an AI doll, M3GAN, to help her orphaned niece Cady cope with grief and build social connections. However, the doll soon begins a violent spree to protect Cady from all types of harm. M3GAN’s success has allowed it to create its own space in the horror genre, possibly putting Chucky’s dominant position at risk.

Both Child’s Play and M3GAN are currently available for streaming on Peacock. A potential showdown between Chucky and M3GAN would undoubtedly be a cinematic event that horror enthusiasts can’t afford to miss.