DVD Release DateChucky Doll Seized in Mexico for Terrorizing Individuals

Chucky Doll Seized in Mexico for Terrorizing Individuals

  • Chucky doll arrested in Mexico
  • Used to scare people in Saltillo
  • Technicians modified the doll

A Chucky doll was taken into custody by the police in Mexico after it was utilized to frighten individuals in Saltillo’s city. The technicians who modified the infamous toy did so in such a way that it had the ability to move and emit scary sounds, terrorizing those it encountered.

The modified Chucky doll quickly gained notoriety on social media, which ultimately led to its capture. Many individuals found its ability to move and make noises quite unsettling. As a result of the fear it caused, the police intervened and arrested the Chucky doll in an effort to alleviate people’s anxieties.

The unnerving incident serves as a reminder of the darker side of technology and modifications when they fall into the hands of those who employ them with malicious intent.