DVD Release DateDakota Johnson, playing Madame Web, hopes her portrayal of the character is...

Dakota Johnson, playing Madame Web, hopes her portrayal of the character is considered “Okay”

  • Dakota Johnson was not initially confident in her ability to perform in a special effects-heavy movie, but trusted the director and worked hard to bring Cassandra Webb to life.
  • Sydney Sweeney was excited to play Julia Cornwall/Carpenter and immediately read the comics to understand her character more.
  • Madame Web will feature various characters, including Spider-Women and Spider-Girl.

Cassandra Webb’s future-seeing spider-sense is tingling as Sony’s live-action Spider-Verse movie Madame Web is set to hit theaters in less than three weeks. Dakota Johnson takes on the lead role, but she admits to having doubts about her ability to portray the character. Johnson told Entertainment Weekly, “I’ve never really done a movie where you are on a blue screen, and there’s fake explosions going off, and someone’s going, ‘Explosion!’ And you act like there’s an explosion. That to me was absolutely psychotic. I was like, ‘I don’t know if this is going to be good at all! I hope that I did an okay job!’ But I trusted her [director S.J. Clarkson]. She works so hard, and she has not taken her eyes off this movie since we started.”

The actress is best known for her role as Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, but her versatile acting skills make her well-suited for the role of Cassandra Webb in the Madame Web adaptation.

Actress Sydney Sweeney will also make her debut in Sony’s live-action Spider-Verse with the release of Madame Web. She told Variety, “I was freaking out, of course. I went straight to the comic store, and I bought every comic that mentioned my character.” She adds that the movie is “different from what people expect a superhero movie to be.”

Fans of the comic books will be excited to see Julia Cornwall/Carpenter as Spider-Woman and get a glimpse of Isabela Merced’s Anya Corazon (Spider-Girl) and Celeste O’Connor’s version of Spider-Woman, aka Mattie Franklin.

Madame Web opens exclusively in theaters on Valentine’s Day.