DVD Release DateDavid Ayer criticizes Fast & Furious franchise for overshadowing and neglecting him

David Ayer criticizes Fast & Furious franchise for overshadowing and neglecting him

  • David Ayer feels left behind by the success of the Fast & Furious franchise.
  • The filmmaker shared his disappointment about not being consulted for the series after writing the screenplay for The Fast and the Furious in 2001.
  • A fan on Twitter accused Ayer of being in it for the money, but the director maintained that his feelings stem from the lack of recognition for his role in the franchise.

David Ayer, the director who penned the screenplay for the 2001 film The Fast and the Furious, recently expressed his discontent with the Fast & Furious franchise for not involving him in its subsequent iterations. He feels like the series left him behind as it gained more success over the years.

The filmmaker took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the matter. A fan accused Ayer by suggesting that he was simply envious of the franchise’s revenue. In response, Ayer clarified that the issue was not about money, but about not being acknowledged for his role in creating the series.

In the original tweet, Ayer wrote, “I wish they would invite me back to write another FAST.” He also mentioned that he wrote the script for the first movie in just two weeks, and it went on to earn more than $200 million at the box office.

Despite his contribution to the series, Ayer has not been involved in the sequels, prequels, and spin-offs that have followed the original film. His work on the screenplay paved the way for the franchise’s growth and success, and the director believes that he should be given some credit for his role in creating it.

Ayer’s career has continued to flourish, with projects such as Suicide Squad and Bright under his belt. However, his recent remarks highlight his seemingly unresolved feelings about being left behind by the Fast & Furious franchise.