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Deadpool & Wolverine Director Discusses Marvel Jesus and Pressure to Revitalize the MCU

The director of Deadpool and Wolverine has spoken about the immense pressure to rejuvenate the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In a recent interview, he mentioned how fans have started to see certain characters as saviors of the franchise. “Marvel Jesus,” as some call it, refers to the expectation that specific heroes will revive the MCU’s glory days. This idea puts a lot of weight on the shoulders of filmmakers and actors alike, who are already working hard to meet high expectations.

Interestingly, this pressure isn’t just from fans but also from within the industry. Studios want to ensure that every new release is a hit, which can be quite stressful. The director shared that balancing creativity with these demands is a delicate act. Sometimes, it feels like walking on a tightrope.

I think it’s fascinating how much people care about these movies.

Moreover, there’s an ongoing debate about whether introducing new characters or focusing on beloved ones will better serve the MCU’s future. The director believes a mix of both might be the key to success. However, only time will tell if this strategy works out.

In conclusion, while the burden is heavy, there is also excitement in trying to bring fresh energy to the MCU. Fans eagerly await what comes next, hoping for another blockbuster hit.