DVD Release DateDenzel Washington in Gladiator 2 as ex-gladiator seeking power, according to Ridley...

Denzel Washington in Gladiator 2 as ex-gladiator seeking power, according to Ridley Scott

  • Denzel Washington’s character in Gladiator 2 is an ex-gladiator turned wealthy arms dealer who seeks power in the Roman Empire.
  • He owns a stable of gladiators and enjoys watching them fight, having gained his own freedom from his gladiatorial past.
  • Washington reunites with director Ridley Scott for the film, which is set to be released in November 2024.

Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington has been cast as a rich ex-gladiator vying for power in the Roman Empire in Ridley Scott’s upcoming film Gladiator 2. In a recent interview with Deadline, Scott revealed details about Washington’s character, who has risen through the social ranks after amassing a fortune and now seeks to challenge the current rule.

Washington’s character has become wealthy by supplying weapons, oil, and wine to the Romans, among other things. He maintains a stable of 30 or 40 gladiators as a hobby and enjoys watching them fight. His character was once captured in North Africa and became a free man due to his skills in the gladiatorial arena, which he now conceals as he plans to take power from the ruling princes.

Gladiator 2 will also star actor Paul Mescal, and marks the reunion of Washington and director Ridley Scott, who previously worked together on the 2007 crime film American Gangster. When asked if Washington’s role in Gladiator 2 would be as “badass” as his portrayal of American Gangster’s Frank Lucas, Scott said, “That is his thing. I think it’s his manner, and obviously he’s actually in a bad mood. I think it’s just the way he is. He tends to be abrupt. You got to get used to that. But nevertheless, he’s quite charming.”

Serving as a sequel to the critically acclaimed and Academy Award-winning Gladiator, Gladiator 2 will be led by Aftersun star Paul Mescal as Lucius Verus, the son of Connie Nielsen’s Lucilla and nephew to Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus. The film has been in development for many years, with Scott recently explaining that a suitable script was the main cause of delay. Gladiator 2 is scheduled for release on November 22, 2024.