DVD Release DateDirector announces development of The Harder They Fall sequel

Director announces development of The Harder They Fall sequel

  • A sequel to The Harder They Fall is in development
  • Director Jeymes Samuel announces the sequel on social media
  • The original film has received both critical and audience acclaim

Jeymes Samuel, the director of the critically acclaimed western film The Harder They Fall, has revealed that a sequel for the movie is currently being worked on. Samuel shared the news on his social media accounts, exciting fans of the film, which has been well-received by both critics and viewers alike.

The announcement of a follow-up film indicates the success of the original movie, showcasing that its unique take on the western genre has resonated with audiences. The film, with its diverse cast and engaging storyline, has garnered praise from various corners of the film industry.

In Jeymes Samuel’s social media post, he shared that the sequel was “already baking in the oven,” teasing fans that the development process has begun. With the original movie still creating quite a buzz, the news of a forthcoming sequel has only added to The Harder They Fall’s growing popularity.