DVD Release DateDirector Josh Greenbaum expresses desire to make Austin Powers 4, a movie...

Director Josh Greenbaum expresses desire to make Austin Powers 4, a movie that deviates from the original series

  • Director Josh Greenbaum expresses interest in making Austin Powers 4
  • No official announcement or confirmation for the sequel
  • Greenbaum praises Mike Myers’ writing and performance in the previous films

In a recent interview, filmmaker Josh Greenbaum conveyed his enthusiasm and eagerness to direct a potential fourth installment in the Austin Powers film series. Greenbaum expressed his fondness for the franchise and its creator, Mike Myers, who he believes brings versatility and charm to each film.

While there hasn’t been any official announcement or confirmation regarding an Austin Powers 4, Greenbaum would love the opportunity to take part in such a project. He admires Mike Myers’ ability to create iconic characters and write clever and comedic dialogue, which has made the Austin Powers series so beloved by many fans.

Greenbaum’s admiration for Myers is clear when he states, “I would love to do a big, giant comedy, especially with Mike Myers… If there’s an Austin Powers in the back of his brain, I would do that in a heartbeat.” The director clearly has a soft spot for the world of Austin Powers and is eager to bring a fresh installment to the popular franchise.

However, as there has been no official word about a sequel, fans can only hope that the dreams of both Greenbaum and the audience come true with the eventual release of Austin Powers 4.