DVD Release DateDirector of The Exorcism Compares Watching Russell Crowe Work to a Volcano

Director of The Exorcism Compares Watching Russell Crowe Work to a Volcano

Witnessing Russell Crowe in action is like observing a volcanic eruption, says the director of The Exorcism.

The filmmaker likened Crowe’s intensity and passion to the raw, unpredictable force of a volcano. He mentioned that every moment on set with Crowe was filled with an electric energy, making the experience unforgettable. The director expressed admiration for Crowe’s dedication and ability to immerse himself completely into his roles.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said, emphasizing how Crowe’s presence elevated the entire production. The comparison to a volcano wasn’t just about power, but also about the unpredictability and awe-inspiring nature of Crowe’s performance.

Sometimes, I think actors like Crowe are born with a unique spark that sets them apart.

In the midst of discussing Crowe’s talent, the director also noted how the actor’s approach could be both intense and unexpectedly gentle, much like the dual nature of a volcano. This balance kept everyone on their toes and brought a dynamic quality to the film.

Overall, working with Russell Crowe left a lasting impression on the director, who felt that such experiences are rare in the film industry.