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Director of The Exorcism Remembers Watching His Dad’s ‘Dangerous Movie’ for the First Time

Seeing his father’s “dangerous movie” for the first time, the director of The Exorcism had quite an experience.

Recollecting that moment, he described how the film’s intensity and raw energy left him both terrified and fascinated. The movie, with its eerie atmosphere and unsettling scenes, was unlike anything he had ever seen before. It wasn’t just a horror film; it was a deep dive into fear itself. He remembered sitting in the darkened room, heart pounding, as the chilling visuals unfolded on the screen.

Interestingly, he mentioned that his father had always been a bit of a risk-taker when it came to filmmaking. This particular movie pushed boundaries and challenged norms, something that clearly ran in the family. “It was a dangerous movie,” he said, reflecting on how it broke new ground and left a lasting impact on audiences.

I think it’s amazing how movies can evoke such strong emotions.

The director’s admiration for his father’s work was evident. Despite the fear it instilled in him as a child, he grew to appreciate the artistry and boldness behind it. He even credited this early exposure to intense cinema as a significant influence on his own career path.

In a world where many films play it safe, this one stood out for its audacity and willingness to explore the darker sides of human nature.