DVD Release DateDisney reveals first glimpse of live-action Snow White adaptation amid film's delayed...

Disney reveals first glimpse of live-action Snow White adaptation amid film’s delayed release

  • Rachel Zegler stars as Snow White in Disney’s live-action remake.
  • The film’s release has been delayed by a year and is now set to hit theaters on March 21, 2025.
  • Joining Zegler and Gal Gadot are Ansu Kabia, Martin Klebba, Andrew Burnap, and Colin Michael.

Rachel Zegler will play a princess in the live-action remake of Disney’s first-ever feature film, Snow White. However, the studio has announced a significant delay for the movie. Disney has already brought several animated classics back to the big screen, with Snow White being one of the most iconic titles to have its live-action adaptation. Sadly, Snow White enthusiasts will need to wait a bit longer to see Rachel Zegler as the first Disney princess.

Variety reported that the studio has chosen to delay the movie starring Zegler and Gal Gadot for an entire year. Originally, Snow White was set to be released on March 22, 2024, but due to Disney’s recent schedule change, it will now premiere on March 21, 2025.

Despite the delay, the first official look at the live-action remake of Snow White has been revealed online, and it appears quite similar to the animated version, as shown by Discussing Film.

The cast also features Ansu Kabia as the Huntsman, Martin Klebba as Grumpy, Andrew Burnap as a new character named Jonathan, and Colin Michael. Marc Webb directs the movie, with the screenplay written by Greta Gerwig and Erin Cressida Wilson.

The live-action Snow White is a modernization of the classic story. While the first movie image remains faithful to the 1937 animated version, more than 85 years have passed since Disney initially brought the Brothers Grimm tale to the big screen. As with Cinderella and The Little Mermaid, the studio seeks to revive the magic of the movies while adding a modern twist to connect with new generations.

Snow White tells the story of a young woman who, after losing her father, is left alone with her ambitious and dark-hearted stepmother, who is jealous of Snow White’s beauty. The stepmother orders a hunter to kill Snow White and bring her heart as proof. The hunter, regretting his task, tells Snow White to flee through the forest. In the woods, Snow White befriends seven dwarfs and finds refuge with them. When the stepmother discovers the truth, she disguises herself and offers Snow White a poisoned apple, putting her into a deep sleep that can only be broken by a prince’s kiss.

Some of these elements, such as the Seven Dwarfs or Snow White’s relationship with the prince, might be altered in the new version to present a modern adaptation of the story.