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Dolph Lundgren Open to Playing “Old He-Man” in Masters of the Universe with One Particular Requirement

  • Dolph Lundgren has gained a cult following for his portrayal of He-Man in the 1987 Masters of the Universe movie.
  • The actor joked about returning as an older version of the character, but only if given more clothes.
  • The upcoming Amazon/MGM film could be the best chance of a Masters of the Universe reboot yet.

Dolph Lundgren, known for many tough-guy roles, remains remembered for his portrayal of He-Man in the cult-classic, live-action Masters of the Universe movie from 1987. There is ongoing interest in a new He-Man movie, and Lundgren has suggested that he might be keen to return to the franchise if he were given more clothes to wear in the role.

The appeal of the 1987 movie continues due to Lundgren’s presence and impressive physicality as He-Man. In a conversation with ComicBook.com, Lundgren was asked if he would reprise his role and brought up the possibility of an older version of the character:

[An] Older He-Man? I don’t know. As long as… my costume can be a little more substantial. It was about the size of a stamp, in those days. I think I’d just have to add a few layers of costume.

Regardless of Lundgren’s involvement, the Masters of the Universe franchise has struggled to reboot the He-Man character for several years. In November 2021, Amazon/MGM considered a new live-action version, taking over from a discontinued Netflix project. The rumored film is to be directed by Adam and Aaron Nee, with a script from a team including Dave Callaham, David S. Goyer, and Matt Holloway. The new film would focus on Prince Adam and Eternia, as fans know it from the animated series and comics, with He-Man and Skeletor’s battle as the primary storyline.

It remains uncertain if Amazon Studios and MGM can finally bring the project to fruition, but this seems like the film’s best chance yet. Although it is unlikely that Lundgren would return as He-Man, a small cameo might be fitting for nostalgic purposes. For fans craving more He-Man content, Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe: Revolution animated series continues later this month.