DVD Release DateDolph Lundgren reveals details about Rocky's Drago spin-off and explains why it...

Dolph Lundgren reveals details about Rocky’s Drago spin-off and explains why it hasn’t been produced yet

  • The Drago spin-off movie has been delayed due to the success of Creed III.
  • The original Drago script had an interesting immigration angle, with the characters wanting to come to America after facing challenges in Ukraine.
  • Director Michael B. Jordan is continuing to work on the Creed universe and has ideas for spin-offs.

In 2018, Dolph Lundgren made a memorable return to the Rocky franchise in Creed II, where Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed faced off against Ivan Drago’s son Victor, portrayed by Florian Munteanu. Due to the film’s positive reception, a spin-off starring Lundgren was rumored to be in development.

Though six years have passed since the announcement, there are still murmurs of the Drago spin-off. In a recent conversation with ScreenRant, Lundgren shared some updates on the project, including plot details and how Creed III’s success has pushed back the Drago movie. He explained:

“MGM was developing the script called Drago about my character and my son… The storyline they had on the Drago script was interesting, it was kind of a coming to America, kind of immigration angle, with me and the son, and it was pretty cool… It was kind of interesting.”

Following the enormous success of Creed III, director Michael B. Jordan assured fans that he is not done with the Creed universe, as he is already working on Creed IV and has ideas for spin-offs. Some ideas centered on Damian Anderson, the character played by Jonathan Majors in 2023’s Creed III, which could mean at least one spin-off may have to take a back seat.

Additionally, Amazon Studios announced that some of MGM’s biggest hits, such as RoboCop, would receive new sequels or reboots, with another potential Rocky spin-off included in the list. Any future Rocky projects could depend on resolving the dispute between Sylvester Stallone and MGM regarding the rights to the Rocky franchise.

Fans will have to wait and see whether Lundgren’s return as Ivan Drago is part of the future of the Rocky franchise, but the action hero will likely continue providing updates along the way.