DVD Release DateDonald Trump rejects accusations of "bullying" his way into Home Alone 2,...

Donald Trump rejects accusations of “bullying” his way into Home Alone 2, claiming his cameo contributed to the film’s success

  • Donald Trump claims his cameo in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is the reason for the film’s success, despite director Chris Columbus insisting he “bullied” his way into the movie.
  • According to Columbus, Trump’s appearance was a requirement in exchange for using the Plaza Hotel, which was owned by Trump at the time.
  • The original Home Alone and its sequel can be watched on Disney+ during the holiday season.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York may not hold the same level of admiration as the original Home Alone, but it still contains several memorable moments that make it a beloved Christmas classic. One such moment is a cameo appearance by Donald Trump. Recently, director Chris Columbus claimed that Trump “bullied” his way into the film, prompting the former president to respond on his social media platform, Truth Social.

In his statement, Trump said that 30 years ago, Columbus and others were “begging” him for a cameo in the movie. He explained that he was “very busy” but eventually agreed due to their persistence, leading to the scene’s success. Trump also claimed that Columbus was looking for “a quick fix of Trump publicity for himself.”

The former president praised his appearance in the movie as a major factor in its longevity and yearly success, particularly around Christmas time. However, director Chris Columbus gained Trump’s cameo by “bullying” his way through the businessman’s quid pro quo style of working, a very different account of the situation.

Trump’s brief appearance in the film occurs when the main character, Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, encounters him in the lobby of The Plaza Hotel and asks for directions. Columbus admitted in the past that they paid a fee to film in the hotel lobby but agreed to include Trump in the movie because of his insistence on appearing.

Home Alone 2 closely follows the formula of the original movie, featuring Culkin as the lost Kevin, with Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern once again playing the bumbling bad guys. The combination of these characters and the clever, albeit deadly, booby traps made both films a success. Despite numerous sequels, none have been able to capture the magic of the first two films. Fortunately, the original movies can easily be found on Disney+ for holiday viewing.