DVD Release DateEli Roth seeks to direct additional Hostel and Cabin Fever sequels

Eli Roth seeks to direct additional Hostel and Cabin Fever sequels

  • Eli Roth aims to continue the Hostel and Cabin Fever franchises, expressing his desire to direct potential sequels himself.
  • Roth believes there is more to explore in both worlds and has ideas for their future development.
  • Despite the original films being divisive, their success at the box office makes another installment more likely if Roth is dedicated to the project.

Horror director Eli Roth has expressed his ambition to create further installments in both the Hostel and Cabin Fever franchises, suggesting that there is more to explore in these worlds. Roth not only envisions potential sequels but intends to direct the possible upcoming chapters himself, as he feels personally connected to the films.

Discussing his intentions, Roth mentioned, “Hostel, there’s a lot more to do. I’d love to go back to Hostel at some point. And Cabin Fever, as well. They’re a part of me. They’re like my children. I feel like I’ve ignored them for too long. And I’d love to go back to them in some way. I have ideas.” Eager to maintain creative control, Roth added, “I would direct it. I don’t want it in anyone else’s hands.”

The first Hostel movie was released in 2005 and is considered a key entry in the “torture porn” subgenre, having strong connections with the Saw series. Both Hostel and its sequel in 2007 experienced great success at the box office, indicating that another installment is plausible should Roth commit to the idea. A third film was released directly to DVD in 2011, however Roth was not involved in the production. The Cabin Fever series also experienced unique cinematic journeys, with Roth directing the first film in 2002 before remaking it almost verbatim in 2016. Roth was also not present for the sequels in between the two films.

Beyond the Hostel and Cabin Fever films, Eli Roth has an idea for an Easter Bunny horror movie as a companion to his Thanksgiving film project. He stated, “Well, I had such a great time with Thanksgiving, it’s hard to think of another one, but I do feel like there’s a great killer Easter bunny movie out there.” At present, Roth is focusing on the success of Thanksgiving and its confirmed sequel, which is set for release in 2025.