DVD Release DateExpend4bles Producers Clarify: It's Not a Superhero Film, Distancing Themselves from Marvel

Expend4bles Producers Clarify: It’s Not a Superhero Film, Distancing Themselves from Marvel

  • Expendables 4 producers emphasize that the film is not a superhero movie.
  • The film aims to appeal to a different audience than Marvel franchises.
  • Expendables 4 will continue the trend of giving older heroes a platform to shine.

The producers of Expendables 4 are keen to make clear that their latest installment in the action franchise is not meant to be a superhero film. Instead, they wish to establish that the Expendables series is set apart from the Marvel universe and should be appreciated for what it is.

According to the filmmakers, the goal of the Expendables is to appeal to a distinct demographic of moviegoers who may not necessarily resonate with superhero storylines. Expendables 4 aims to carry on this concept, continuing to provide older, iconic action heroes with a stage to showcase their skills and charisma.

As the producers put it: “We’re not Marvel.” They strive to differentiate the Expendables series from the widely popular superhero films by emphasizing its unique cast of characters, setting, and storylines. This distinction aims to remind fans and potential viewers that the series offers a separate and compelling alternative to the increasingly saturated superhero market.