DVD Release DateGal Gadot Expresses Confidence in Wonder Woman 3's Creative Team

Gal Gadot Expresses Confidence in Wonder Woman 3’s Creative Team

  • Gal Gadot praises Patty Jenkins as the best individual to helm Wonder Woman 3.
  • Despite recent rumors, Gadot reiterates how significant Wonder Woman is to her life and career.
  • Wonder Woman fans can anticipate a thrilling third installment of the popular superhero franchise.

As the lead actress in the renowned Wonder Woman movies, Gal Gadot celebrates director Patty Jenkins for taking the helm of the third installment, expressing her utmost confidence in Jenkin’s abilities. Gadot refutes any rumors about disliking the role, and instead emphasizes the importance of her character’s impact on her life and career. Just like the previous films, fans can eagerly look forward to an action-packed and thrilling Wonder Woman 3.

Gadot recently stated, “We were together from the very beginning, and I truly feel that she is the perfect person to continue the legacy of Wonder Woman, she’ll be in the best hands, and I know she’ll do it justice.” The third installment promises to deliver the same epic superhero action that has garnered so much success in the franchise thus far, and with Jenkins at the helm, there is little doubt that the film will live up to its predecessors.