DVD Release DateHeart of Stone Reaches Netflix Top 10's #1 Spot Despite Negative Critiques

Heart of Stone Reaches Netflix Top 10’s #1 Spot Despite Negative Critiques

  • Heart of Stone is the number one movie on Netflix despite negative reviews.
  • The film has been condemned for being flat, with hollow storylines and characters.
  • Its popularity might be attributed to a need for something new amid reopening cinemas and streaming service fatigue.

Despite receiving poor reviews, Heart of Stone has managed to secure the top spot on Netflix’s Top 10 list. Critics have berated the film for its flat storytelling, hollow characters, and lack of depth. Nonetheless, it seems viewers are still drawn to the movie that stars Gal Gadot, claiming the platform’s number one spot.

The success of Heart of Stone may be attributed to audiences desiring fresh content as cinemas start to reopen and streaming service fatigue begins to set in. As a result, a mediocre film that may not have initially garnered much attention manages to find success in today’s current viewing landscape.