DVD Release DateHidden Gems: Four Lesser-known Asian Gambling Films That Deserve Recognition

Hidden Gems: Four Lesser-known Asian Gambling Films That Deserve Recognition

Two individuals engaged in a thrilling gambling session while others observe attentively.

Many people believe that Hollywood is the place where all the great movies come from, which is not true. While American-style movies have dominated cinemas for decades, there are so many great films that have been made in other countries too.

If you are looking for something different, it is worth looking for some hidden gems in other parts of the world. Gambling movie enthusiasts will likely find what they need in Asian cinema. 

You will be surprised at how great some of the Asian films are. It is not all about Kung Fu either! There are some great Asian films about gambling that you need to see, although you should expect one or two Kung Fu punches at some point in the film.

The great thing is that these films go all out to create an accurate portrayal of the gambling culture in Asian countries. This means you get a chance to learn a lot about gambling, from playing card games to reading your opponents. However, to learn things such as how to claim bonus points, you will have to visit online sites, such as bet999.io. 

Gambling in Asian Culture

Gambling has always been a very popular pastime in Asian culture, particularly in China, where gambling activities are quite common during the Lunar New Year celebrations. This is probably because of the cultural beliefs based on luck and good fortune, which play an important role in the lives of Asians.

In many parts of Asia, gambling has been the norm for centuries. Places such as Macau, for example, have legalized gambling since the 1850s, which goes to show how popular such activities are. Macau is even sometimes known as the gambling capital of the world, rivaling American gambling spots, such as Las Vegas, or Monte Carlo in Monaco.

Four Asian Gambling Films You Need to See

Many people believe that gambling originated in China, with lotto games and dominoes from as early as the 10th century being found in this region. It is no surprise, therefore, that gambling would play a huge role in Asian cinema.

While you probably won’t learn much about crypto casinos in these movies, if you want to get an in-depth look at Asian gambling culture, and have a blast in the process, take a look at these four hidden gems:

  • God of Gamblers

Wong Jing is one of Hong Kong’s most popular directors. One of the movies that catapulted him to stardom is this Asian gambling masterclass called God of Gamblers. It was released back in 1989 and has gained a cult following ever since. 

This is not the type of film you go to watch if you are looking for a believable script because most of it is highly convoluted. However, the delightful mix of chaotic violence and high-stakes gambling makes this one of the best films to watch for a taste of underground Asian gambling life.

The acclaimed director even had time to weave in a bit of comedy among the violence and chaos. God of Gamblers was so well-received by the audience that six sequels have since been made, although none have managed to reach the lofty standards set by the original. 

  • Casino Raiders

You cannot have a Chinese gambling movie and not mention the Triads, China’s notorious organized crime families. Casino Raiders delves deep into the inner workings of the criminal underbelly of Hong Kong with Casino Raiders, a film about two friends about to risk their lives against all odds.

The movie centers around two regular guys who find themselves embroiled in a complex scheme involving billions of dollars and high-stakes poker games where their lives are on the table. Romance and betrayal also come into play as the film is masterfully woven by some of China’s most accomplished filmmakers.

To those who have always thought of Hong Kong as the perfect Asian city, this movie will open your eyes to the violence that surrounds those involved in its gambling circuits. Most experts on Asian gambling culture believe that Casino Raiders is a must-see for anyone who wants a look at the real Hong Kong.

  • Tazza: The High Rollers

China is not the only Asian country that takes its gambling very seriously, as shown by this great South Korean movie, Tazza: The High Rollers. In this Asian classic, a highly talented card player from a quiet country town explores the underground world of high-stakes poker in South Korea’s capital city.

During his journey, he ends up having to put his life on the line while playing one of South Korea’s most popular games of chance, Hwatu. After being cheated, the small-town hero begins his quest for revenge, leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

Before the release of Tazza: The High Rollers, little was known of the gambling circuits of Seoul, South Korea. However, this movie served as an eye-opener and was an instant hit both locally and internationally. 

  • From Vegas to Macau

Decades after making a name for himself with God of Gamblers, Wong Jing returned with another gambling classic called From Vegas to Macau. As the name suggests, this is one film you have to watch if you want a great comparison of the gambling cultures in these two cities.

The film takes a light-hearted approach to the gambling lifestyle among Asians, eventually becoming more of an action comedy. This was a smart move by the filmmakers who wanted to make a film that would fit in well with the festive mood of the Lunar New Year. 

Final Word

Gambling films have often been criticized for their grand portrayal of the violence associated with underground casinos. However, in most cases, these films are only bringing to light the violence that is already present in society.

Looking at these awesome Asian films, it is clear that there are a lot of inherent dangers associated with gambling, especially high-stakes games that are held in unlicensed locations. If you want to avoid the violence portrayed in these films, you should consider playing online casino games on trusted sites, such as bet999.io.