DVD Release DateHorse Racing in Asian Movies 

Horse Racing in Asian Movies 

Horse Racing
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The role of horses in human life has always been of significant value. Many Asian films convey the powerful force and nobility of this animal to the screen. In this article, you will discover several films featuring those graceful beasts. If you like non-trivial auteur films, or you simply love movies about horse racing then try your luck in horse betting on Sbobet.

Grand Prix – Yun-ho Yang

The Grand Prix is an exciting South Korean flick, released in 2010. 

A female jockey who yearns to win the Grand Prix championship has an accident while racing. At that moment, she felt her life collapse as her dream would not come true. She’s depressed and throws racing. The film illustrates how a woman jockey copes with the blows of fate and comes to her dream. Her life experience is a source of inspiration for everyone who faced difficulties on the way to their dream.

The Drifting Avenger – Jun’ya Satô

The Drifting Avenger is a Japanese film in an atypical western genre directed by a cult director in 1968. The guy who survived the death of his parents goes to find the culprit. He was trained by a cowboy who helped him survive. The protagonist had his father’s samurai sword with which he dealt with the last main villain.

Taming the Horse – Tao Gu

The flick was filmed in North China and the episodes where the protagonist tames the stallions in Magnolia. The film reflects not only the physical strength of a horse but also its influence on the emotional calmness of a person. A person tries to find the meaning of life, and a horse acts as a faithful companion.

The Rider – Chloé Zhao

The film is believed to have garnered immense critical acclaim for its factual story and untrained cast. A film about the life of a cowboy who suffered a head injury. He had to decide how to live on, stay loyal to the horses or leave them forever.

The Horse Thieves – Lisa Takeba and Yerlan Nurmukhambetov

The film is created based on a partnership between Japanese and Kazakh directors. It all started with the fact that a man went to the town market to sell his horse. The story about a family in which the father died due to the attack of horse thieves.

Interesting fact

The Golden Horse Festival – Taiwanese Film Industry Awards. This festival is dedicated to the awarding of the best films in the Chinese film industry. It attracts a lot of attention to Asian films. The jury selects the winners and awards them with the Golden Horse statuette

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To summarize, we can see, that noble animals such as horses are highly valued in the film industry in Asian countries. Horses are presented from various angles as they can influence the fate of people. They contain not only enormous physical strength but also something more for each hero of the film. It is impossible to remain indifferent to these beasts, realizing their capacity.