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How to Get Instagram Influencers to Promote Your Brand

Photo by Claudio Schwarz on Unsplash

Influencer marketing is the next big thing in marketing, and Instagram is the #1 platform for marketers looking to get into the game. There’s just one problem, and unfortunately, it can be a big hurdle: How do you get Instagram influencers to promote your brand? 

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Who Are Influencers?

Social media has given rise to new stars—the so-called influencers. These people have large followings. The users who follow them are generally dedicated and invested in the influencer’s content, opinions, and ideas.

Most consumers find the market overcrowded and even overwhelming. It’s difficult to make a purchase decision, especially when most people feel they can’t trust companies or brands. Instead, they rely on recommendations from friends and family. They’re increasingly relying on recommendations from Instagram influencers and other social media stars.

Why It Works

People follow “influencers” because they trust and agree with their ideas and opinions. They may also enjoy the content the influencer produces. Generally, as a result of this relationship, followers feel they can trust any product or service recommendations the influencer gives.

Influencers, many of whom are millennials, believe it’s their duty to help their followers make good purchase decisions. They want to help people steer clear of bad products and find the best products instead. Many of them are passionate brand advocates. They use the products they promote and believe in them.

The relationship between brand, influencer, and consumer-follower evolves naturally from here. The Instagram influencers use products and services produced by brands they trust, which they then promote and recommend to their followers.

Approaching Instagram Influencers

When approaching influencer marketing for the first time, many people have some strange beliefs. For example, most people believe influencers approach brands, rather than the other way around. Instagram influencers make the initial decision to use a particular brand’s product or service. If they like the product, they approach the company and ask to represent it. They may promote a brand without any direct partnership.

While this can and does happen, many companies approach Instagram influencers about promoting their brands. They may ask them to try and review a new product line. They may partner with them to bring awareness to a joint fundraising effort or a promotion such as a contest or draw.

You don’t need to wait for Instagram influencers to approach you. While “organic” brand ambassadors—those who use your product and choose to advocate for your brand on their own—are great, you can work with other influencers.

Connecting through a Platform

The majority of Instagram influencers believe the best way to connect with brands is through an influencer platform.

A platform provides a neutral, third-party space where influencers and brands can meet. The platform helps brands discover new influencers, and vice-versa.

The platform’s terms of use also govern how both parties act. This provides some security for both influencers and brands.

Finding Influencers

How do we find influencers? You can search through Instagram and hashtags to find people with large followings who might use your product or promote your brand. You can also find influencers through an influencer platform, which is usually a lot easier.

Connecting with your existing customer base might also tell you about who they’re following and who they’re listening to on social media. For example, if a number of people follow a particular make-up Instagrammer, connect with that person.

You can offer incentives for Instagram influencers to promote your brand and your product. You may offer them content or ask them to review products or services. There’s no shortage of ways to connect with influencers to promote your brand.