DVD Release DateIn Weekend 2, Barbie's Box Office Outperforms Most 2023 Films' Opening Weekends

In Weekend 2, Barbie’s Box Office Outperforms Most 2023 Films’ Opening Weekends

  • Barbie’s second weekend box office performance surpasses many 2023 films’ opening weekends
  • Large portion of audience are adults re-discovering the Barbie franchise
  • Strong sales attributed to #BarbieChallenge on social media

In a surprising turn of events, Barbie’s box office earnings in its second weekend have outperformed the opening weekends of numerous movies released in 2023. This remarkable success can be partly attributed to the significant number of older fans who are revisiting the beloved franchise. Additionally, the film’s strong sales have been further bolstered by the viral #BarbieChallenge on various social media platforms.