DVD Release DateInside Out 2 Star Advocated for Pixar Sequel

Inside Out 2 Star Advocated for Pixar Sequel

A star from Inside Out 2 shared that she really wanted Pixar to make a sequel.

The actress revealed that she kept asking Pixar for another movie because she believed there was more story to tell. She thought the characters had more adventures to go on and more emotions to explore. “I felt like there was so much left to say,” she said passionately.

Sometimes, people just know when a story isn’t finished yet.

She mentioned how she loved working with the team and felt the fans deserved another film. Her excitement was contagious, and it seems her persistence paid off. The sequel is now in the works, and everyone is thrilled about it.

Interestingly, while discussing this, she also talked about her favorite scenes from the first movie and how they made her laugh and cry. It’s funny how movies can make us feel so many things at once.

In the end, her determination shows that sometimes you have to push for what you believe in, even if it means asking over and over again.