DVD Release DateJames Caan and Pierce Brosnan developed a close father-son bond before Caan's...

James Caan and Pierce Brosnan developed a close father-son bond before Caan’s passing

  • James Caan’s final performance in “Fast Charlie” was praised by director Phillip Noyce, who called the experience joyful and revealing of Caan’s excitement in returning to acting.
  • Caan and co-star Pierce Brosnan formed a close bond on set, reminiscent of a father-and-son relationship, with Brosnan taking care of Caan both on and off-screen.
  • The film has received positive reviews from critics and holds a rating of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In this year’s action thriller “Fast Charlie”, the late James Caan and Pierce Brosnan forged a bond like “a father and a son,” as described by director Phillip Noyce. Caan, who unfortunately passed away last July at the age of 82, brought a sense of enthusiasm and energy to his role in the film despite health challenges that he hid from the cast and crew.

Noyce shared how Caan was eager to get back to acting after a year’s hiatus, explaining that the legendary actor became a completely different person when the cameras rolled. Caan’s excitement was palpable, and Noyce couldn’t help but worry for the actor’s well-being.

The director went on to discuss the deep connection that formed between Caan and Brosnan, who portrayed James Bond in previous films. Noyce suspected that Caan may have drawn on his experiences related to his private health issues, while Brosnan, who deeply respected Caan, provided support and looked after him both on and off the set.

“Fast Charlie” has been well-received by audiences and critics, currently holding a rating of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. Critics have praised the film’s action, cast chemistry, and dark humor, with many pointing out Noyce’s expertise in directing action films.

The movie follows Charlie Swift (Pierce Brosnan), a fixer with a problem: a missing head from a hit he carried out. Teaming up with the victim’s ex-wife, Marcie Kramer (Morena Baccarin), Charlie and Marcie fight to protect the legacy of Stan Mullen (James Caan), Charlie’s best friend and mentor, while working to take down a powerful mobster.

“Fast Charlie” was released in select theaters and video on demand on December 8, 2023, by Vertical Entertainment.