DVD Release DateJames Cameron Admits Imperfection in Titanic's Most Famous Scene

James Cameron Admits Imperfection in Titanic’s Most Famous Scene

  • Titanic’s iconic “I’m flying, Jack” scene has a slight imperfection in focus
  • James Cameron admits the scene’s blurriness in an interview for the film’s 4K Ultra HD release
  • Despite the flaw, Titanic was a box office and awards hit, including winning the Best Director Oscar for Cameron

Famed perfectionist and talented director, James Cameron, surprised his fans by revealing a small flaw in one of his most famous scenes in Titanic. Cameron’s painstaking attention to detail is evident in his successful films, yet according to a featurette included in the new 4K Ultra HD release of Titanic, the famous “I’m flying, Jack” scene, where Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack and Kate Winslet’s Rose stand on the bow of the ship with arms extended, is slightly out of focus.

This unforgettable scene is known for the various parodies it inspired and, while many believe it was flawless, Cameron admitted that careful observers could spot the imperfection in the footage. As Cameron shared to Entertainment Weekly:

“We shot two takes before we lost the light. The first one — completely out of focus. The second one is out of focus for about four seconds and then it pops in. And that’s the one that’s in the movie.”

Due to filming during sunset for the perfect lighting, and with only two takes recorded, Cameron had no choice but to accept the slight flaw in order to include the gorgeous sunset in the film. Kate Winslet, who starred in Titanic with DiCaprio, found the filming process hilarious due to Cameron’s dedication to capturing the sunset. She said, “We did it with a real sunset. Which was hilarious because Jim would be like, ‘Sunset’s amazing — go, go, go!’ And we’d be like, ‘What?’ and suddenly, Leo and I are having to basically climb up this forklift, extended, protracted thing and climb up this damn ladder. ‘We’re going to miss it, we’re going to miss it.’ So we’d get up there and suddenly, we’d go, ‘Oh, action.’ And we’d have like two minutes of us just endlessly doing this clinch. God forbid if we started laughing. It was really, honestly hilarious.”

Regardless of the minor imperfection, Titanic’s massive success at the box office and multiple awards, including an Oscar for James Cameron for Best Director, were hardly affected. The Titanic two-disc 4K Ultra HD release is available now and features more than five hours of new content, as well as several hours of previous material.