DVD Release DateJason Statham Prefers Old-School '80s Movies and Isn't Interested in a Superhero...

Jason Statham Prefers Old-School ’80s Movies and Isn’t Interested in a Superhero Role

  • Jason Statham is not interested in superhero roles and prefers old-school ’80s action movies.
  • Statham has been rumored for various comic book roles, including Bullseye, but is unlikely to join the MCU or DC.
  • Statham is excited for audiences to see his upcoming film The Beekeeper, describing it as sophisticated, exciting, and full of heart.

Action star Jason Statham has revealed that he’s not keen on playing a superhero, despite the genre’s ongoing popularity in Hollywood. In an interview with Variety, Statham expressed his preference for “old-school” ’80s action films, stating:

“I don’t have a big appetite for a costume, with cape and tights. I like old-school ’80s movies. I was inspired by people like Stallone and Arnold. And even before those guys, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and Eastwood. I just couldn’t see any of those guys putting on a cape, and a mask and going around on wires.”

Over the years, Statham has been rumored for several comic book roles, including Union Jack, The Punisher, and most frequently, Marvel supervillain Bullseye. However, based on his recent comments, it seems unlikely that he will join the Marvel or DC universes.

Statham’s next project, The Beekeeper, is directed by David Ayer and written by Kurt Wimmer. The film stars Emmy Raver-Lampman, Josh Hutcherson, Bobby Naderi, Ali Asghar Shah, Minnie Driver, Phylicia Rashad, and Jeremy Irons alongside Statham. The plot revolves around a former operative of a powerful, clandestine organization known as “Beekeepers,” who embarks on a brutal campaign for vengeance.

Statham expressed enthusiasm for The Beekeeper, saying, “I can’t wait for people to see that. It’s really sophisticated and cool, full of heart and excitement. It’s a great film. The result is obviously yet to be seen, but I’m really, really proud of the movie…The whole movie escalates in terms of the action. And it goes through an incredible, great crescendo. The whole world [of the film] has a mythology of the ‘beekeeping’ world. If we were fortunate enough to make a sequel, we have a whole world that we can dive into.”

The Beekeeper is set to be released in theaters by Amazon MGM Studios on January 12, 2024.